October 8, 2014, No comments

Redwood high school was put under lockdown for approximately 60 minutes on Wednesday, October 8, due to a report of a possible gun threat on campus. After no gun was …

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October 7, 2014, No comments

At some point in the next few weeks, junior Jake Newell will make his way around school with no shoes on, instead sporting a thick layer of saran wrap to …

College and Career Center
October 5, 2014, No comments

Principal Julie Synyard sent an email to parents on Friday August 29 announcing that there was a vacancy in the college counselor position. “Please be assured that we have begun …

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October 2, 2014, No comments

It often seems like I can’t browse the aisles of any bookstore or “Young Adult” reading section without cringing. The magenta spines and cerulean blue covers seem to scream, “I …

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In the wake of the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9, news outlets, the Internet, and everyday people focused non-stop on …

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Last year, College and Career Center specialist Susan Gertman retired, leaving a vacancy that was filled at the start of the 2014-15 school year. Less than two weeks into this …

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WIND UP FOR A SHOT: Senior Jake Isola-Henry gets ready to shoot the ball at the goal in an afternoon practice on the Tam Turf.                                 	             Photo by: Nate Vogel

Boy’s Soccer Legacy

October 14, 2014, No comments

This fall, Tam High’s newly famed and successful varsity soccer team will attempt to carry on their recent success as they begin a new season missin ...

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Varsity Football vs. Justin Sienna: Full Broadcast

October 13, 2014, No comments

Riley Kuffner and Asher Wenig provide commentary as Tam takes on Justin Sienna at home in an MCAL match-up.

Rally Vid

Homecoming Rally 2014 Video

October 10, 2014, No comments

The Tam Broadcast Network is proud to present the official homecoming rally video! Check out some highlights from the event.


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  • Senior Sebastian Tamblyn plans to continue his training at House of Steel. Photo by: Claire Donohue
  • FIELD TRIPS ABOUND: Lovejoy’s students often take field trips around the community. Forays to the Redwoods offer practice in respecting and communicating with others. Pictured above, from left to right, are Anderson, Maggie, Jake, _, and Maribel in the Redwoods garden.				Photo courtesy of: Michael Lovejoy
  • TO THE RESCUE: Due to the rocky terrain in which hikers are often lost or injured, SAR teams use specialized equipment on missions. Photo courtesy of: Rich Shelton