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Content: 3/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Features: 3.5/5 Overall impression: 7/10 The Sims by EA and Maxis is one of the most recognized franchises in the gaming world, spanning multiple consoles and …

Graphic by: Tandis Shoushtary
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For most of us, food is a go-to stress reliever. It comforts, it soothes, and for a few short moments it helps us forget about the four-page report we put …

College and Career Center
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Tam has filled the vacant college and career counselor position, according to an email sent by the administration to parents on October 8. New counselor Leslie Roberts will take on …

Yik Yak
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Yik Yak, a new social media app that came out in December 2013, has recently become popular nationwide and among Tam students. The app works as an “anonymous bulletin board,” …

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“Nights when I can’t fall asleep typically end with me laying in bed for hours on my phone or tossing and turning,” senior Taryn Varnes said. “Every hour I’m in …

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Science teacher Lara Corkrey sent an email to the parents of her current students on October 2 announcing her resignation. “Despite my best efforts, the strain that has been placed …

  • Graphic by: Tandis Shoushtary
  • College and Career Center
  • Yik Yak

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“We’re looking for someone who’s good with people and a solid multi-tasker.” These were the words uttered by John, my new manager, a six-foot ...


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If you had to describe pretty much anyone’s first impression when listening to the album Tyranny, it would be messy. Tyranny, released on Septem ...


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  • Senior Sebastian Tamblyn plans to continue his training at House of Steel. Photo by: Claire Donohue
  • FIELD TRIPS ABOUND: Lovejoy’s students often take field trips around the community. Forays to the Redwoods offer practice in respecting and communicating with others. Pictured above, from left to right, are Anderson, Maggie, Jake, _, and Maribel in the Redwoods garden.				Photo courtesy of: Michael Lovejoy
  • TO THE RESCUE: Due to the rocky terrain in which hikers are often lost or injured, SAR teams use specialized equipment on missions. Photo courtesy of: Rich Shelton