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(Jack Fierstein)
Tam implements new tardy policy to address influx of late students
By Julian Goodman and Naomi Lenchner November 5, 2021
Tam administration implemented a new tardy policy which includes detention for students who receive 5 or more tardies in a week.
(Savanna Behr)
Tent City
By Savy Behr October 24, 2021
“We aren’t done protesting because we’re here [in Marinship Park] we’re still going to be protesting the violence against anchor-outs."
A Survey of the Class of 2021
A Survey of the Class of 2021
By Logan Little and Leah Kennedy June 8, 2021
The Tam News surveyed seniors before and after the return to in-person learning. This is what they said ...
Why We Need To Bring Back Home Economics Classes
Why We Need To Bring Back Home Economics Classes
By Fiona Matney October 26, 2021
"Home Economics classes make a significant change in how prepared students are for entering the world on their own."
Graphic by Naomi Lenchner
Marin’s ‘Overt and Covert Racism’: How the District Can Do Better
By Mikyla Williams October 21, 2021
The overt and covert racism and white supremacy of our community are very prevalent.
A typical Tuesday on Zoom
By Lily Lunn February 6, 2021
My Gray Hair
By Emily Stull January 3, 2021
What I saw at Burning Man
What I saw at Burning Man
By Lucca Hurst-Schalit November 19, 2021
My take on Burning Man; a bunch of cool people partying in the desert with a bunch of art.
(Graphic by Naomi Lencher)
The Mill Valley Art Festival
By Shaina Mandala November 2, 2021
The Mill Valley Fall Art Festival lies amongst the redwoods that adorn Old Mill Park. Annually, it brings back the spirit of Mill Valley, as it has for the past 60 years.
The Noble Cow Creamery
By Eloise Weir November 2, 2021
Review: Le Marais
By Sawyer Strain October 21, 2021
(Courtesy of Sydney Boyd)
Boyd’s Journey to UC Santa Cruz
November 2, 2021
“In the middle of class, I had finally gotten an email back from the head coach of Santa Cruz asking if I could talk on the phone."
(Courtesy of Niall Shiels Donegan)
The Town Champ
November 1, 2021
"[I hope to] bring a great personality to the team and campus and be someone my teammates and peers can count on in the classroom and on the course."