The Tam News

2020-2021 Staff

Claire Conger

Editor in Chief

Claire Conger is a Senior and an Editor in Chief of The Tam News. She works as a counselor at Andrews Camps in Corte Madera and is part of Link Crew at Tam High. In her free time, she paints, plays the ukelele, forgets major ing...

Claire Finch

Editor in Chief

Claire Finch is a Senior and an Editor in Chief for the Tam News. She’s a backpacking and Mother Nature fanatic. She’s involved in Model UN and the Marin County Youth Commission. Her diet mainly consists of string cheese and Ho...

Logan Little

Editor in Chief

Logan Little is a senior at Tam and the most dyslexic editor in chief of The Tam News. Outside of the journalism room, she can be found collecting water samples for Surfrider, running through local trails, and obsessively edit...

Paige Anderson

Editor in Chief & Photography

Paige Anderson is a senior and editor in chief of the Tam News. When not in school, Anderson can be found playing tennis at the local courts or driving around Marin blasting music with her friends. Playing guitar and singing are...

Leah Kennedy

News Editor

Leah Kennedy is a senior at Tamalpais High School. She transferred last semester from a school in Santa Cruz. Leah grew up in Germany and moved to Santa Cruz for the start of high school. Outside of school Leah loves to sing an...

Amelia Sandgren

News Editor

Amelia Sandgren is a junior at Tam and a news/copy editor for The Tam News. When she’s not watching The Bachelor, she plays for Tams volleyball and basketball teams. In her free time she enjoys being around family and arguing ...

Saranyu Nel

News Editor & Website Editor

Saranyu Nel is a Senior and Website Editor for The Tam News. He spent the first 14 years of his life living in Beijing and Bangkok before arriving in California for High School. He's also the Vice President of Tam Model United ...

Samantha Nichols

News Editor & Business Team

Samantha Nichols is a junior and a news editor for The Tam News. When she's not busy falling off of mountain bikes and getting lost on Mount Tam, you can find Sammy putting aloe on her most recent sunburn. In her very limited...

Kennedy Enlowsmith

Op/Ed Editor

Kennedy Enlowsmith is a junior and Op/Ed Editor for the Tam News. In their free time, they love to song-write and post their originals on SoundCloud and Spotify. Their artist name is luvkennedy. They also hip hop dance, love thrifting, and hanging out with friends....

Jessie Tempero

Op/Ed Editor

Jessie Tempero is a junior at Tamalpais High School and a news editor for The Tam News. She also runs on the cross country team for Tam. Outside of school she likes being outdoors, drawing, and listening to music....

Jake Cohen


Jake Cohen is a Senior and one of The Tam News’ News editors. In addition to being an activist on and off campus, a member of both the queer and Jewish communities, Jake enjoys cuddling with his dog Ruby, doing drag, going t...

Oona O’Neill

Op/Ed Editor & Business Team

OONA O’NEILL is a junior and an Op/Ed editor at the Tam News. This is her third year with the Tam News. When she’s not concussing herself on metal poles during tam waterpolo you will find her watching Netflix with her cat....

TJ Hill

Features Editor

TJ HILL is a junior and features editor for The Tam News. TJ greatly enjoys being outside, getting exercise, and watching the sunset. You will often find her hanging out with friends or at the beach. She has an obsession with c...

Mikyla Williams

Features Editor

MIKYLA WILLIAMS is a junior and a features editor. She has been in The Tam News for three years now. She loves musicals. She truly believes narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. Fun fact about Mikyla, she can do pretty good a...

Emily Stull

Features Editor

Emily Stull is a junior at Tamalpais High School and a features editor for The Tam News. Although Stull harnesses a notoriously bad memory, she never forgets a face. She is most comfortable while sitting on the floor, drinking...

Naomi Lenchner

Features Editor & Graphics

Naomi Lenchner is a junior and a Features and Graphics editor for The Tam News. She runs on the cross country and track team. For the past two years, Naomi was a part of leadership. Outside of school, she loves hanging out with her ...

Sydney Parks

Lifestyles Editor

Sydney Parks is an Lifestyles Editor. Sydney enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing guitar. She loves animals and the Tokyo Drift soundtrack. Sydney’s favorite song is Savage (Remix) ft. Beyoncé by Megan Thee Stall...

Tristan Regenold

Lifestyles Editor

Tristan Regenold is a Junior at Tamalpais High School and a lifestyles editor for The Tam News. He was a part of leadership for 2 years and is now a Link Leader. Tristan is on the Cross Country and Track teams. Outside of schoo...

Tahlia Amanson

Lifestyles Editor & Graphics

Tahlia Amanson is a senior and Lifestyles and Graphics editor of The Tam News. She works at her local hardware store in Bolinas and at Side Street Kitchen in Pt. Reyes. When she has free time, she likes to hangout with friends, wr...

Jack Polakis


Jack Polakis is an enthusiastic, hard-working junior, who spends time with his friends or working on one of the many hobbies he has. He enjoys a good book and hanging out with his adorable cat. One thing he does not like is pessimistic...

Charlie Wiltsee

Sports Editor

CHARLIE WILTSEE is a junior and a sports and copy editor on the Tam News. Charlie spends most of his time playing and watching sports, cooking, and playing video games.

Alyssa Broad

Sports Editor

Alyssa Broad is a senior at Tam and a sports editor for The Tam News; this will be her second year in the journalism program. Outside of class, she is a captain on the Tam Tennis team and is a Link Crew Leader. She loves travel...

Catherine Stauffer

Sports Editor & Social Media Team

Catherine Stauffer is a sophomore at Tamalpais High School and an sports editor for The Tam News. She attended an International school for twelve years before coming to Tam. She's on the swim and water polo teams and enjoys ocean...

Cal Peterson

Tam Broadcast Network

Cal Petersen is a Senior and the more attractive host for the Tam Broadcast Network (is that what TBN stands for?).

Luke Ferris

Website Editor

LUKE FERRIS is a junior at Tam and a website editor for The Tam News. He plays football and lacrosse for Tam, and enjoys skiing in the winter. In his free time, he likes playing with his dog, Carlton, and chillin’ with the boys...

Quinn Rothwell

Social Media

QUINN ROTHWELL is a senior at Tamalpais High School and a reporter and social media editor for The Tam News. In the beginning of her sophomore year Rothwell joined Leadership and is planning to be a part of Leadership through h...

Phoebe Leisek

Copy Editor

Phoebe Leisek is a copy editor for the Tam News.

Liza Lachter

Social Media Team

This is Liza Lachter’s third year participating in the Tam News entering her senior year. Lachter was an Advanced Journalism student last year and continues her experience this year as a social media editor. She loves to wri...

Henry Hoelter


Lexa Lemberg


Lexa Lemberg is a junior and works on the Photo Team She loves to spend time near the water with her dog named Shark. Lexa loves to travel and her favorite food is chocolate.

Emma Hock


Leo Grava


 Lukas Stoker


Lukas Stoker is a journalist at Tam. He is a junior and part of the Tam Baseball program. He loves hiking and dogs.

GG Mormorunni


GG Mormorunni is a junior and an Opinion editor for The Tam News. GG is also a rower at Marin Rowing. In her small amount of free time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and listening to music. GG has a dog and a calico kitten.

Ethan Rosegard


Ethan Rosegard is a senior and reporter for The Tam News. He's plays both football and lacrosse for Tam. He likes popcorn and movies.

Adam Guggenheim


Adam is a senior at Tamalpais High School and a reporter for The Tam News. He is an avid sports fan who plays soccer, golfs, and surfs. Adam enjoys photography, including drone photography, global studies, and learning Mandarin...

Sebastian Ghosh


Sebastian Ghosh is a senior at Tamalpais High School and a reporter for The Tam News. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sebastian moved to Boston in middle school where he lived for four years. He moved back to Mill Valley at the...

Aeneas Nicholas


Aeneas Nicholas is a senior at Tam High and also has the biggest calves of any reporter in The Tam News. Aeneas spends a lot of his time playing sports with his friends and claims to be at least mediocre at every sport he plays....

Kayla Boon


Kayla Boon is a sophomore and a reporter for The Tam News. Kayla spends most of her time sewing her own clothes, cheering, or debating with republicans. Kayla strongly does not like physical education because she thinks it is...

Charlie Boyle


Charlie Boyle is a senior and a reporter for The Tam News. Charlie's hobbies include playing baseball, skiing, hanging with friends, and gaming. This is his second year on The Tam News and he is excited to produce more content.

Ben Ginnebaugh


Ben is a junior at Tamalpais High School and a reporter for The Tam News. His interests include running cross-country for Tam and participating in the Model United Nations club, as well as hiking and camping.

JP Ballschmider


JP Ballschmider is a junior and a reporter for The Tam News, living in Mill Valley. JP spends much of his time mountain biking and exploring the trails of Mt. Tam. JP grew up in Hong Kong for much of his beginning years, up until...

Kaya Beasley


Kaya Beasley is a senior at Tam High. She loves to write and spends most of her time listening to music and going on hikes in nature. She loves to go exploring outside and helping people.

Claudia Epsha


CLAUDIA EPSHA is a senior and a reporter for The Tam News. In her free time she enjoys to paint and write. Claudia also loves hiking, being in nature, and caring for the environment.

Lily Lunn


Lily Lunn is a junior and a reporter for The Tam News. She has lived in Mill Valley for 2 years after living in Switzerland for 10. When she is not in the kitchen making interesting food, she volunteers at the Marin food bank a...

Dylan Boon


Dylan Boon is a sophmore and a reporter for the Tam News. Dylan spends his time hanging out with his friends and playing with his dog. He also plays tennis on the Tam tennis team. Dylan is shy when meeting new people but opens u...

Lassen Waugh


Lassen Waugh is a senior and is very nice to people. He really likes his classes and he wishes that he could get A's, even though its very hard too.

Ronan Grele


Ronan Grele is a senior at Tam who is an active member of the school's jazz band, track team, and newspaper. He enjoys spending time to himself developing his skills on the guitar or playing video games with friends. He has only...

Jordan Cushner


Jordan Cushner is a Senior and a reporter. She is a known baked good enthusiast who's current obsession is the Equator Coffee seasonal scone. In addition to seasonal scones, she is also fond of seals. Jordan spends most of her...

Colin Bender


 Colin is a senior at Tam High and remains a reporter in The Tam News for his third year in journalism. He spends most of his time taking care of his dog and playing the drums. If he's not doing those, however, he's most likely...