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COM-ward Bound

COM-ward Bound

By Olivia Merriman

January 25, 2019

Like many seniors at the start of the school year, I began the process of applying to college. I figured out early on that the public school system had set me up to go to College of Marin (COM). I don’t believe COM or other community colleges are bad options, but it isn’t fair that I am expected...

FUTURE and HNDRXX: So Close in Time but So Far Apart

FUTURE and HNDRXX: So Close in Time but So Far Apart

By Emily Pavis, Maxwell Williams

April 18, 2017

FUTURE  By Emily Pavis From Atlanta, “street banger” rapper, Future grew up with the nickname “The Future of Rap” due to his musical talent in his youth. This sobriquet wasn’t too far off considering that this trap artist was the number one on the Artist 100 Billboard in 2015, 15 of h...

Tomorrowland: Film of the Future?

By Devon Stoeber

June 11, 2015

Disney’s newest film, “Tomorrowland,” directed by Brad Bird, follows the story of a science-loving, driven teenage girl and her unlikely acquaintance, a grown man who was once a child-genius. The pair ventures into an unknown, futuristic world while discovering many twists and turns that they,...

UC Acceptance of California Students Decreases

UC Acceptance of California Students Decreases

By Sarah Asch

June 10, 2013

This year, 2.2 percent fewer California high school students were accepted into University of California schools (UCs), according to an article published in the LA Times in April. The article indicated that the low acceptance rate is due to the fact that public colleges can charge non-resident students...