Diving Team Receives a Tub

In November 2016, the Tam diving team was permitted by the school to buy a hot tub. Haley Quinn, the team’s coach, explained how the team needed the tub due to the chilly temperatures the divers experienced during practices. “It is really hard to get a quality practice in, when everyone is frozen on those cold, sometimes rainy nights, and no one wants to get out of the pool,” said Quinn.

According to Quinn, the “hot tub” was not truly a “hot tub,” it was rather more simplistic than that. “When I say the word hot tub, I use it in a very loose form. It is basically a big plastic horse trough that will be  filled up and drained every day through a hose that is connected to the outside showers on the deck,” said Quinn.

The diving team was happy with this new purchase. “It’s really nice to get something we really need,” said junior Sasha Greeneschmitz, a diver on the team.

For Quinn, the tub was a chance to reward the divers for their hard work. “The team did such a great job last year. I wanted to help them become even better and give them something to look forward to for this upcoming season,” said Quinn.  

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