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Green Glam Club

Green Glam Club

By Haley Lefferts, Features Editor November 9, 2023

Beauty, sustainability, and women’s advocacy: the Green Glam Club’s three ambitious goals to make a difference in the community.  As club sign-ups began at the beginning of the school year at Tamalpais...

Profile: Malia Parsons

By Hillary Betz, Reporter November 8, 2023

With many different hobbies that Malia Parsons has participated in over the years, Parsons eventually limited her focus to volleyball, and now is committed to playing division three volleyball at Saint...

Gabby Hoeberichts: Senior Class President

Gabby Hoeberichts: Senior Class President

By Emily McMahon, Reporter November 1, 2023

Gabby Hoeberichts ran for senior class president in her junior year and was elected in spring 2023. She saw the presidency as an opportunity to make an impact on the senior class. “[Senior] year is really...

Go for the gold: class presidents Josh and Zoe Goldman

By Jude Paine, Reporter August 15, 2023

Zoe and Josh Goldman are rewriting the definition of overachievers as they prepare to hit the ground running as sophomore and junior class president for the 2023-2024 school year. The junior class president...

Equator: a local gem for caffeine-lovers

By Luella Searson, Reporter July 1, 2023

If you’ve driven around Mill Valley before, chances are you’ve noticed a red or black tiger sticker floating around placed on the bumper of cars, computer covers, and phone cases. Equator’s coffee’s...

Senior profile: Fiona Matney

By Lauren Felder, Features editor June 8, 2023
Applying to non-fiction as a sophomore was the most formative accident of senior Fiona Matney’s high school experience. A prerequisite to joining The Tam News, this class she hadn’t intended to take captivated underclassman Matney, her math and science classes failing to do the same.

Senior profiles: Juliette Lunder and Tyler Rothwell

By Jude Paine, Reporter June 8, 2023
“When getting older you can enjoy the power dynamic a little bit,” Tamalpais High School senior Juliette Lunder said. Lunder and fellow senior Tyler Rothwell have spent the last year enjoying the sociality of senior year, but even with all of the fun of being upperclassmen, both have often found themselves looking back on their more difficult years as Covid-stricken underclassmen.
Tam’s new big fish in the Sea-bury

Tam’s new big fish in the Sea-bury

By Jack McIntire May 25, 2023
Liz Seabury has stepped into Tam's new principal position temporarily, but is applying for the permanent position.
Kindra Lee: revamping our library

Kindra Lee: revamping our library

By Anika Kapan May 25, 2023
Tamalpais High School has a new library specialist who's goal is to revamp the library as well as make it more accessible to students.
Trevor Islam: Player of the year

Trevor Islam: Player of the year

By Annie Shine March 7, 2023
Trevor Islam, senior varsity soccer captain, is currently ranked No. 1 in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) for the 21 goals he has scored this season, which is over double the amount of the No. 2 player. 
Staff Profile: College and Career Specialist Emi Abe

Staff Profile: College and Career Specialist Emi Abe

By Siobhan King February 1, 2023
Hygge is a Danish word that means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” When asked about her dream job, Tamalpais High School’s college and career specialist Emi Abe said that it would be to own a cafe that encompasses this feeling. 
Gabby Brandt: Changemaker

Gabby Brandt: Changemaker

By Savy Behr and Emma Pearson February 1, 2023
Gabrielle Brandt takes change into her own hands. The 17-year-old Tamalpais High School senior realized early on that the Tamalpais Unified School District (TUHSD), which includes her own school, was experiencing a sexual assault and harassment crisis.
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