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Ms. Dolan’s Double Life

(Courtesy of Jennifer Dolan)
By Samantha Nichols January 3, 2021
The history teacher's Instagram account where she posts photos of her "little monarch garden" of butterflies and caterpillars has brought smiles and admiration from her students and serves as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

Ecomats: Turning trash into comfort

(Images courtesy of Genevieve Durham and Alyssa Broad)
By Alyssa Broad December 18, 2020
The process of making one mat can take hours, but the end result is worth it. “We donate the mats to Saint Vincent De Paul Society of Marin."

Profile: District board candidate Brandon Johnson

(Courtesy of Brandon Johnson)
By Samantha Nichols October 30, 2020
If elected to the Board of Trustees, Johnson intends to implement policy, curriculum, and structural changes to promote racial equity.

Tam Welcomes New Faculty: Meagan Meyer

(Courtesy of Meagan Meyers)
By Oona O'Neill September 21, 2020
“​I like problem-solving, collaborating, and learning. In special education, I get to do all of that every day!”

Lindsey Tenaglia: The reality of digital

(Courtesy of Lindsey Tenaglia)
By Skye Schoenhoeft March 24, 2020
As one of the few digital artists at Tam, junior Lindsey Tenaglia stands out for her distinctive style.

The realism of Megan Engelbrechten

(Artwork courtesy of Megan Engelbrechten)
By Kara Kneafsey December 18, 2019
Megan Engelbrechten shows us a world of abstract art through her astonishing paintings.

Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!

Christina Costello: A new special education teacher!
By Ian Duncanson September 23, 2019
“I’ve wanted to work at Tam for a really long time, so when I saw that there was a job opening I jumped on it. I hope to be here for a really long time.”

Tam student Isabelle Williams fights to end gun violence

(Dana Spaeth)
By Sophia Harkins September 16, 2019
Senior Isabel Williams is using activism to help end gun violence in American communities.

Luca Petrella: A long way from home

(Grace Gustafson)
By Grace Gustafson September 5, 2019
A senior exchange student from Lake Como, Italy, compares his experience here at Tam to his high school in Italy.

Tarp’s end of an era

Tarp's end of an era
By Lucas Rosevear June 24, 2019
After 27 years, English teacher David Tarpinian — who was involved in the founding of Academic Workshop, Peer Resource, and AIM — is retiring from Tam.

Girls of BSA

Girls of BSA
By Samantha Nichols June 24, 2019
In February, Boy Scouts of America, now called Scouts BSA, first started accepting girls into troops across the country. Two Tam sophomores became founders of the first Mill Valley Scouts BSA girls’ troop.

Moving On: The Tales of COM

Moving On: The Tales of COM
By Tenaya Tremp May 2, 2019

It’s officially college admissions season, and high school students everywhere are being bombarded by college merchandise, social media photos, and constant talk of future plans. Among all the college...

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