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Lauren Felder (left) and Emerson Swift (right) read their parts of the letter.

Editorial: The Tam News needs two classes next year

By Emerson Swift and Editorial Staff January 25, 2024

Dear Tamalpais Union High School Board of Trustees,  We are Tam High students who write, edit, and produce The Tam News and care about the future of this important publication. This past year The Tam...

A culture of misinformation

A culture of misinformation

By Sophia Weinberg, Op/Ed Editor May 25, 2023
Presently, high schoolers are living in a time of technological advances. Teenagers are relying more and more on social media, and in many unfortunate cases, it is their only news source.
Lack of motivation for state testing

Lack of motivation for state testing

By Luella Searson, Reporter May 16, 2023
In recent years CAASPP testing has not been a top priority for Tam students. Students opt out of these tests, creating a lack of participation problem and driving the school's ranking down.
Editorial:  Tams Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

Editorial: Tam’s Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

By Editorial Staff November 3, 2022

Electronic vapes and alcohol have become normalized among the substances that students who attend Tamalpais High School abuse. But more serious drugs are affecting our broader community, and there seems...

Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

By Editorial Staff October 4, 2022
While Tamalpais High School students are required to get two years worth of credits for physical education, we looked into reasons why Tam should discontinue the class, at least for Tam student athletes.

Editorial: E-bike

By The Tam News Staff June 8, 2022
The majority of e-bike users neglect to acknowledge all of the dangers and responsibilities that go along with riding a speedy, motorcycle-like, contraption without wearing helmets or much protection at all.
(Naomi Lenchner)

Editorial: State of the Bathrooms

January 10, 2022
The lack of respect for our bathrooms and campus has become a deeply rooted issue at Tam.
(Courtesy of Asher Goldblatt)

Editorial: Spirit Week

December 4, 2021
This year's spirit week was fantastic.
(Emily Stull)

Editorial: Running From Climate Change

October 14, 2021
Class disparities will continue to be emphasized as California faces the effects of climate change.
(Paige Anderson)

Editorial: The emotional impact of distance learning

February 6, 2021
In addition to its commonly cited academic pitfalls, the student body seems to be experiencing emotional distress at the hands of at-home education.
(Jessica Bukowski)

Editorial: Use Your Voice and Vote

By Editorial Staff September 23, 2020
We implore you to vote for both local and national measures.
(Sophia Martin)

Editorial: “Breach of contract and gross negligence”

By Editorial Staff May 22, 2020
The problems with AP testing are not novel or unprecedented — but the pandemic may give us the chance to rethink public education.
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