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The Tam News

News, Opinion, & Multimedia for Tamalpais High School

The Tam News

News, Opinion, & Multimedia for Tamalpais High School

The Tam News

About Us

The Tam News is your source for the latest and most important news dealing with Tamalpais High School and the surrounding communities. The Tam News is a student-run newspaper, and is an open, public forum for student expression. We strongly encourage letters and article contributions. 

The Tam News reserves the right to edit submissions for length and content. All content decisions are made by student editors. The Tam News magazine is published monthly, though dates may vary. The Tam News is non-profit and any proceeds and contributions are used in the production of the newspaper and for journalism education.

The Tam News
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The Tam News has received national recognition for its print and web journalism. Full list here.

Comment policy

Comments are encouraged as long as they promote a constructive discourse. Comments that fall under the following categories will be removed:
• Hate speech.
• Personal attacks made against a person or group of people, including the author of a story. Criticism should not also be bullying.
• Spam, trolling, or blatant self-promotion.

Privacy policy

The Tam News is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors.

The Tam News collects non–personally identifying aggregate data about user activity. This data may be displayed publicly on the website. The Tam News also collects data from visitors, such as IP addresses, which have the potential to be personally identifying. However, The Tam News does not use this information to identify its visitors, nor does it disclose that data to third parties except under the conditions outlined below.

The Tam News asks that users who choose to take certain actions on the website voluntarily provide some personal information. For example, users who comment on an article or submit a letter to the editor are asked for their name and email address. This information may be disclosed to publication staff or the publication’s adviser. This information is not disclosed to any third parties unless its disclosure is 1) specifically authorized by the user in question; 2) required by law; or 3) necessary to ensure the safety of the website, its staff, or its visitors.

This privacy policy may be changed at any time. This page will always be updated to reflect the most recent version of the privacy policy. Questions about the policy or data collection may be directed to advisor [email protected].

Effective August 17, 2019

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