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Harrison Engel

Tackling consumerism with Harrison Engel

By Sophia Weinberg, Editor in Chief Mar 28, 2024

Tamalpais High School senior Harrison Engel has emerged as a pioneer for the digital advocation of sustainable fashion. At school, Engel is a traditional student. He spends his time leading the mock trial...

Teacher by 7, coach by 4

By Elisa Cobb, Features Editor Mar 28, 2024

Whiteboards, lectures, and grading in the early and late hours of the day are the basis of what is most likely in store for teachers during the regular school year. However, a different use and context...

Whats for lunch at Tamalpais High School?

What’s for lunch at Tamalpais High School?

By Sam Ismailer, Reporter Mar 28, 2024

Lunchtime at Tamalpais High School is unique among most schools around the country. According to a study in 2016 done by the National Library of Medicine, an electronic research library, of all the high...

Terry Morawitz

The Redwoods Seniors for Peace

By Haley Lefferts, Features Editor Mar 28, 2024

Every Friday evening from 4 to 5 p.m. the Seniors For Peace (SPF) gather at the intersection where Miller Avenue meets Camino Alto. Rain or shine, they meet at the corner with signs, guitars, and one major...

Price Jeffris: the University of Utah

Price Jeffris: the University of Utah

By Josh Goldman Mar 28, 2024

Whether you know him by his signature No. 40 or his swag on the field, everyone can agree that Price Jeffris is the real deal. No. 40 scored 41 goals this past spring for the Tamalpais Hawks lacrosse team,...

Graphic by Sam Ismalier

A History of the Mill Valley Coffee Shop

By Satya Schiller, Reporter Feb 5, 2024

In the shadows of all the major coffee shop corporations in Mill Valley lies a family-owned cafe on the corner of Miller and Locust Avenue. From an influx of new families moving to Marin County, to the...

Episode 2: The Arch Interviews Spotlights Pave Commute, a Green Routes to School App

By Emerson Swift Feb 2, 2024

Pave Commute is an app that provides incentives for students to take green routes to school and was introduced to the Tam community last year. Host Emerson Swift speaks with seniors Harrison Engel and...

Episode 1: The Arch Interviews Tara Seekins, Fulbright Scholar

By Emerson Swift Dec 15, 2023

In February 2023, Tam High English teacher Tara Seekins travelled to New Dehli India on a Fulbright Scholarship. In this episode, Ms. Seekins shares her experience with host Emerson Swift.

Mill Valley Winterfest this Sunday

By Maggie Conklin, Reporter Dec 1, 2023

Mill Valley will be hosting its annual holiday Winterfest on Dec. 3 from 5-6 p.m. The lively winter-themed festival will take place downtown at the Mill Valley Depot.Mill Valley has been putting on Winterfest...

Green Glam Club

Green Glam Club

By Haley Lefferts, Features Editor Nov 9, 2023

Beauty, sustainability, and women’s advocacy: the Green Glam Club’s three ambitious goals to make a difference in the community.  As club sign-ups began at the beginning of the school year at Tamalpais...

Profile: Malia Parsons

By Hillary Betz, Reporter Nov 8, 2023

With many different hobbies that Malia Parsons has participated in over the years, Parsons eventually limited her focus to volleyball, and now is committed to playing division three volleyball at Saint...

Gabby Hoeberichts: Senior Class President

Gabby Hoeberichts: Senior Class President

By Emily McMahon, Reporter Nov 1, 2023

Gabby Hoeberichts ran for senior class president in her junior year and was elected in spring 2023. She saw the presidency as an opportunity to make an impact on the senior class. “[Senior] year is really...

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