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Trevor Islam: Player of the year

Trevor Islam: Player of the year

By Annie Shine March 7, 2023
Trevor Islam, senior varsity soccer captain, is currently ranked No. 1 in the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) for the 21 goals he has scored this season, which is over double the amount of the No. 2 player. 
(Naomi Lenchner)

Early release leading to academic unsettlement for student athletes

By Kelsey Cook February 16, 2023
Tamalpais High School administration preaches academics over athletics. There are rules in place that students must maintain a certain GPA and attend a satisfactory amount of classes in order to participate in school sports, but students are consistently having to leave their fourth or seventh period early during their sports season, which undermines this idea. 
Staff Profile: College and Career Specialist Emi Abe

Staff Profile: College and Career Specialist Emi Abe

By Siobhan King February 1, 2023
Hygge is a Danish word that means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” When asked about her dream job, Tamalpais High School’s college and career specialist Emi Abe said that it would be to own a cafe that encompasses this feeling. 
Gabby Brandt: Changemaker

Gabby Brandt: Changemaker

By Savy Behr and Emma Pearson February 1, 2023
Gabrielle Brandt takes change into her own hands. The 17-year-old Tamalpais High School senior realized early on that the Tamalpais Unified School District (TUHSD), which includes her own school, was experiencing a sexual assault and harassment crisis.
Profile: Eleanor Octavio

Profile: Eleanor Octavio

By Emma Pearson February 1, 2023
There’s more than a little extra community at the Mill Valley Community Center on days in which Tamalpais High School senior Eleanor Octavio leads Southern Marin Aquatics (SOMA)’s lessons.
Retiring: Patty Parnow

Retiring: Patty Parnow

By Hillary Betz January 26, 2023
After nine years of working at Tamalpais High School as the assistant principal’s secretary, Patty Parnow is retiring to pursue her interests in travel and, more importantly, help out her family as they need. 
Photo courtesy of Kirsi Harris

KK Swaps Profile

By Gabe Schwartzman and Tyler Rothwell November 17, 2022
Kiris Harris and Kate Rosegard founded KK Swaps, a circular fashion marketplace, during the pandemic. It's since amassed dozens of sellers and even more customers, county-wide.

Hawk Takes Episode 1

By Kayla Boon and Hannah Bringard November 15, 2022
Hawk Takes is a Tam News podcast that covers recent events in our community and interacts with students!

A Guide To Wellness

By Shaina Mandala September 29, 2022
Last year, The Tam News published an article about Tamalpais High School’s Wellness Center to bring attention to its presence and briefly cover the resources it provides. However, the resources that Wellness provides are more extensive than the last article suggested and deserve an article of their own.
Photo of Mr.Lieberman

New Assistant Principal: Andy Lieberman

By Elisa Cobb September 29, 2022
Andy Lieberman has taken on the position of assistant principal and he said he's ready to bring the time and energy required to continue making Tam the supportive place it is. 
Top Boy Review

Top Boy Review

By Alexander Schnedecker June 7, 2022
The show is focused around several British drug dealers battling to rise to the top.
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