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Welcome crew founded to support transfer students
By Emerson Swift, Features Editor • November 9, 2023

The Welcome Crew was founded by senior Link Leader Bennett Goldmacher this year as a branch of the Link Crew program to welcome transfer students into the Tamalpais High School community.  Goldmacher, as well as eight Link leaders, ran an orientation the day before school began for the 58 students transferring into Tam. The orientation contained similar activities that Link Crew organizes for incoming...

Events for Latine Heritage Month
By Colette Hale, Op/Ed Editor • November 8, 2023
Driving Under the Influence in Marin
Driving Under the Influence in Marin
Driving under the influence is a persistent and prevalent problem all over the country.
By Ashley Townsend , Chloe Bowman, and Hillary Betz November 16, 2023
According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, 32 people are lost every
Counseling Issues
By Editorial November 18, 2023

With college application season in full swing, Tamalpais High School seniors and juniors applying to schools feel immense amounts of stress and pressure. However, some students...

Why is a gap year beneficial?
Why is a gap year beneficial?
By Delaney Bobbitt November 16, 2023

High school students deal with constant pressure: getting good grades, fitting in among their peers, applying to colleges, and figuring out what to do as an adult. Adding...

Does technology actually benefit society?
By Tyler Byrne, Reporter • November 10, 2023
Mill Valley Winterfest this Sunday
By Maggie Conklin, Reporter • December 1, 2023

Mill Valley will be hosting its annual holiday Winterfest on Dec. 3 from 5-6 p.m. The lively winter-themed festival will take place downtown at the Mill Valley Depot.Mill...

Green Glam Club
Green Glam Club
By Haley Lefferts, Features Editor • November 9, 2023

Beauty, sustainability, and women’s advocacy: the Green Glam Club’s three ambitious goals to make a difference in the community.  As club sign-ups began at the beginning...

Profile: Malia Parsons
By Hillary Betz, Reporter • November 8, 2023
CTE at the Fall Arts Festival
By Haley Lefferts, Features editor • October 30, 2023
Rowan Scobie
Profile: Rowan Scobie
By Jude Paine November 13, 2023

Tamalpais High School junior Rowan Scobie announced her commitment to Northwestern University on Oct. 5. Throughout high school and the complex recruitment process, Scobie’s...

Gustafson shoots, Cal scores
November 4, 2023

Griffin Gustafson grew up playing soccer, from the minute he touched the field he dreamt of going pro. As he grew he began to play more competitively and develop a true love...

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