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Lyla Macrae starts as ASB vice president
By Luella Searson, Reporter • August 14, 2023

Lyla Macrae, a current junior at Tam, will begin her term as the Associated Student Body (ASB) vice president. After two re-votes and hours of on-edge waiting, the results for the 2023-2024 Tamalpais High School leadership positions were released Monday, May 22. “I’m super excited about my new spot on ASB,” Macrae said. “I have two years of leadership experience … I know I will make...

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Wise beyond our years
By Savy Behr May 2, 2023
The house is on fire. Teenager’s social, emotional, and academic development is struggling post-pandemic. While efforts are being made by the Tamalpais High School administration to provide mental health support, many believe more could and should be done.
The morality of thrifting
By Shaina Mandala, Op/Ed editor • June 18, 2023

As fast fashion took hold of the world with trends changing so quickly that almost no one can keep track, environmentalists desperately raked their brains for a reasonable...

A culture of misinformation
A culture of misinformation
By Sophia Weinberg, Op/Ed Editor • May 25, 2023
Presently, high schoolers are living in a time of technological advances. Teenagers are relying more and more on social media, and in many unfortunate cases, it is their only news source.
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By Lauren Felder February 2, 2023
Five ways to a 5: a helpful guide to scoring well on your AP test
Five ways to a 5: a helpful guide to scoring well on your AP test
By Kayla Boon, Op/ed editor • August 21, 2023

Every year many juniors, seniors, and some sophomores, begin Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Despite the importance, many students neglect the preparation for the AP exams...

Go for the gold: class presidents Josh and Zoe Goldman
By Jude Paine, Reporter • August 15, 2023

Zoe and Josh Goldman are rewriting the definition of overachievers as they prepare to hit the ground running as sophomore and junior class president for the 2023-2024 school...

Senior profile: Fiona Matney
By Lauren Felder, Features editor • June 8, 2023
Tam Hawks lacrosse teams finish strong
Tam Hawks lacrosse teams finish strong
By Zane Yarnold, Reporter • June 12, 2023

The Tamalpais High School hawks' lacrosse program had an outstanding run this year, with both the boys' and girls' teams making it to the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL)...

Marre Gattner breaks 11 swim records
By Claire Lawson, Reporter • June 9, 2023

This past swim season, Tam senior Marre Gattner has broken all 11 records at the Tam pool. Gattner broke his first records during his sophomore season, breaking all three...

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