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Photo courtesy of Emmaline Pearson
Tam Students protest against climate change and for abortion rights
By Emmaline Pearson June 7, 2022
Multiple Tam students attended two separate protests in Marin, using their voices and presence to advocate for what they believe in.
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A Stained Work Experience
By Shaina Mandala June 7, 2022
Young women in the Tam community delve into their experiences with workplace harassment.
Editorial: E-bike
By The Tam News Staff June 8, 2022
The majority of e-bike users neglect to acknowledge all of the dangers and responsibilities that go along with riding a speedy, motorcycle-like, contraption without wearing helmets or much protection at all.
The Bovine Revolution
The Bovine Revolution
By Liam Ludin June 6, 2022
For ages, we have been able to control these beasts, but the time is coming when they will rise up and destroy the entire planet.
Top Boy Review
Top Boy Review
By Alexander Schnedecker June 7, 2022
The show is focused around several British drug dealers battling to rise to the top.
The Wellness Center
The Wellness Center
By Shaina Mandala June 7, 2022
Nestled in a secret corner at the end of an unassuming hall is the Tamalpais High School Wellness Center. It provides a multitude of services and products, but many students are unaware of the extent and possibly even of its existence. 
Chicken Fight
By Kayla Boon April 19, 2022
Gravity Vault Was Alright
By Emily Stull January 28, 2022
Tam Boys Lacrosse Wins it All
Tam Boys' Lacrosse Wins it All
By Annie Shine June 7, 2022
The Tamalpais High School Varsity Boys Lacrosse team climbed the ladder throughout this 2022 spring season and finally took home their first North Coast Section (NCS) win in program history.
Courtesy of Madi Smith
Madi Smith Profile
By Alexander Schnedecker June 7, 2022
Junior Madi Smith of Tamalpais High School is an exceptional lacrosse player in the Bay Area.
High Expectations
By Juliette Lunder April 21, 2022