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End of discussion. Period.

(Claire Conger)

By Claire Conger

September 20, 2020

A survey of 147 Tam students demonstrates a lack of understanding of menstruation bringing into question the quality of sex-ed in local elementary and middle schools and at Tam.

Quarantine Creations

(Courtesy of Artemis Frederick)

By Claudia Epsha

September 19, 2020

Senior Artemis Frederick explains in their own words how quarantine has impacted their artistic creativity and personal life.

An ode to the class of 2020

(Courtesy of Tam High Leadership)

By Chloe Gammon

May 26, 2020

Over the past four years, we have felt the unique historical significance of our high school experience.

Kylie Frame: The face behind Feed the Frontlines Marin

(Courtesy of Kylie Frame)

By Emily Stull

May 19, 2020

Frame's nonprofit organization raises money to purchase meals from local businesses and donates those meals to essential workers in the area.

Six feet apart

(Ethan Swope)

By Kara Kneafsey

April 23, 2020

This feature illustrates a snapshot of what California’s shelter in place order has entailed, outlining the experiences members of the Tam community are going through.

Under my roof

(Courtesy of July Palomares Guzman)

By Claire Finch

March 16, 2020

The experiences of Tam students whose parents struggle with substance abuse.


(Courtesy of Madeline Stull)

By JP Ballschmider

March 7, 2020

Mt. Tam is now visited by over a million people per year, a number that rises rapidly and has long-lasting effects on the ecosystem.

100 years in retrospect

(Photos from Tam News archives)

By Kara Kneafsey

December 20, 2019

2019 was the 100th anniversary of The Tamalpais News. Since 1919, journalism students have been covering popular culture, historic events, and day-to-day life at Tam. The following are excerpts from archival issues of The Tam News, with quotes from alumni to help bring them to life.

Humans of Tam: The art of remembering names

(Skye Schoenhoeft)

By Niulan Wright

November 13, 2019

Tam senior Hannah Kahn's perspective on names and their importance.