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Tams emergency and natural disaster readiness

Tam’s emergency and natural disaster readiness

By Elisa Cobb February 16, 2023
The Tamalpais High School front desk received a phone call issuing a bomb threat on Nov. 30, 2022. Students were directed to evacuate to the football field to receive further instruction.
Dunphy Park Encampment

California Homeless Union v. Sausalito

By Anika Kapan November 18, 2022
“These are Sausalito residents, people who in many cases lived a good chunk of their lives there, they rented apartments in the past, and paid rent, a lot of that went to property taxes, sales taxes, raised children, went to schools, they are part of the artistic community,” Prince said. “They are contributing members of the Sausalito community. They’re residents. They’re not just ‘the homeless.’”

What One Pill Can Do… Life or Death

By Annie Shine and Violet Howard November 14, 2022
Opioid use in Marin County has become a dangerous and a life-threatening issue, more commonly to teens.
Fifty Years of Title IX and We Still Have Work To Do

Fifty Years of Title IX and We Still Have Work To Do

By Siobhan King September 29, 2022
The neglect of the Tamalpais High School softball field and its facilities seems to instill the message that the team and its players are not worth investing in.
(Carley Lehman)

A Stained Work Experience

By Shaina Mandala June 7, 2022
Young women in the Tam community delve into their experiences with workplace harassment.
(Mikyla Williams)

Out of the Binary

By Kennedy Enlowsmith March 29, 2022
Every non-binary person at Tam has a different experience with gender. ​​For some, changing pronouns, changing names, and clothing style are important for them, and for others, there is no desire to change anything at all.
How The Pandemic Has Affected Teenager’s Mental Health

How The Pandemic Has Affected Teenager’s Mental Health

By Colette Hale March 17, 2022
In the Tam community, anxiety and depression levels have been rising, there has been an increase in drug usage, and attendance records have shown a decrease in student attendance at school. While these issues were prevalent even before the pandemic, the coronavirus has increased these rates.
(Mikyla Williams)


By Samantha Nichols February 23, 2022
Black students at Tam are suspended at nearly four times the rate of their white counterparts, contributing to a process known as the school-to-prison pipeline. But a novel approach to school discipline called restorative justice shows potential to dismantle that system from its roots.
(Emily Stull)

The Reality of Consumerism

By Lauren Felder December 13, 2021
A venture into consumerism and the role it plays on the international climate crisis, through examining fast fashion, water, and agricultural industries.
(Savanna Behr)

Tent City

By Savy Behr October 24, 2021
“We aren’t done protesting because we’re here [in Marinship Park] we’re still going to be protesting the violence against anchor-outs."
A Survey of the Class of 2021

A Survey of the Class of 2021

By Logan Little and Leah Kennedy June 8, 2021
The Tam News surveyed seniors before and after the return to in-person learning. This is what they said ...
(Emily Stull)


By Jordan Cushner April 25, 2021
“It’s going to sound funny, but when I was really restricting what I was eating and overexercising it felt good ... And then there was a point where that slipped … I started to notice I was seeing stars all the time and in the shower my hair was coming out in my hands and I was like f*ck this is doing me no good"
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