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Graphic by Sophia Tiemens


By Elisa Cobb February 5, 2024

Note on content: this article describes the myriad of events and instances that have taken place within our community that have inflicted harm on Black community members. Reader discretion is advised. The...



By Emerson Swift, Features Editor January 22, 2024

Sharing stories, one prison at a time.  You would never be able to guess that the one-room office space tucked into a tiny building along San Francisco Boulevard in San Rafael is changing lives. It...

Photo courtesy of Lutz Hornisher.

Where Have the Artists Gone?

By Lauren Felder, Sophia Weinberg, and Catherine Stauffer January 22, 2024

Where Have the Artists Gone?    On the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, nestled among the houses of tech giants and endless yoga studios, lies the myth of old Mill Valley. Originally a...

Driving Under the Influence in Marin

Driving Under the Influence in Marin

By Ashley Townsend, Chloe Bowman, and Hillary Betz November 16, 2023

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, 32 people are lost every day due to driving under the influence, amounting to over 11,000 people per year. In California,...

Al-Aqsa Mosque. Photo courtesy of Amaani and Umar Cassim

The Knowledge We Bring Back

By Elisa Cobb, Features Editor November 13, 2023

Note on Content: The perspective of this article came from a Tam High student who visited Palestine with a non-profit organization, with her experience shaping the discussion. This is not an article that...

Graphics by Anika Kapan

Wise beyond our years

By Savy Behr May 2, 2023
The house is on fire. Teenager’s social, emotional, and academic development is struggling post-pandemic. While efforts are being made by the Tamalpais High School administration to provide mental health support, many believe more could and should be done.
Be ready: Tam prepares emergency, natural disaster readiness

Be ready: Tam prepares emergency, natural disaster readiness

By Elisa Cobb February 16, 2023
The Tamalpais High School front desk received a phone call issuing a bomb threat on Nov. 30, 2022. Students were directed to evacuate to the football field to receive further instruction.
Dunphy Park Encampment

California Homeless Union v. Sausalito

By Anika Kapan November 18, 2022
“These are Sausalito residents, people who in many cases lived a good chunk of their lives there, they rented apartments in the past, and paid rent, a lot of that went to property taxes, sales taxes, raised children, went to schools, they are part of the artistic community,” Prince said. “They are contributing members of the Sausalito community. They’re residents. They’re not just ‘the homeless.’”

What One Pill Can Do… Life or Death

By Annie Shine and Violet Howard November 14, 2022
Opioid use in Marin County has become a dangerous and a life-threatening issue, more commonly to teens.
Fifty Years of Title IX and We Still Have Work To Do

Fifty Years of Title IX and We Still Have Work To Do

By Siobhan King September 29, 2022
The neglect of the Tamalpais High School softball field and its facilities seems to instill the message that the team and its players are not worth investing in.
(Carley Lehman)

A Stained Work Experience

By Shaina Mandala June 7, 2022
Young women in the Tam community delve into their experiences with workplace harassment.
(Mikyla Williams)

Out of the Binary

By Kennedy Enlowsmith March 29, 2022
Every non-binary person at Tam has a different experience with gender. ​​For some, changing pronouns, changing names, and clothing style are important for them, and for others, there is no desire to change anything at all.
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