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Seasons in California

Seasons in California

By Emma Pearson, Section Editor November 25, 2022
It’s fall in northern California! There is a brisk chill hanging in the air (as long as you are within 100 yards of a coastline), the dark embrace of fog in the first and last four hours of the day, and brown and orange leaves leisurely falling from tree branches (the 10% of them that aren’t evergreen).

American Education and the Fate of Affirmative Action

By Sophia Weinberg November 17, 2022
Affirmative Action should be banned, but only once America's systematic racism is no longer prevalent in society. In order to reach this point in society, we need policies like Affirmative Action as a safeguard against already existent systematic racism.
Halloween ‘too scary’ for Mill Valley residents to celebrate

Halloween ‘too scary’ for Mill Valley residents to celebrate

By Anika Kapan November 3, 2022

As All Hallow’s Eve looms on the horizon, Mill Valley residents avert their eyes, hide under their blankets, and tremble at their festive responsibilities. The houses are bare of jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs,...

Why Tams College Culture is Toxic

Why Tam’s College Culture is Toxic

By Siobhan King November 3, 2022

As early action deadlines near for many colleges, you can practically see the stress seeping out of almost every senior at Tam. Blood pressures rise at the thought of getting your counselor letter of recommendation...

Editorial:  Tams Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

Editorial: Tam’s Lack of Knowledge on Opiods and Fentanyl Use

By Editorial Staff November 3, 2022

Electronic vapes and alcohol have become normalized among the substances that students who attend Tamalpais High School abuse. But more serious drugs are affecting our broader community, and there seems...

Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

By Editorial Staff October 4, 2022
While Tamalpais High School students are required to get two years worth of credits for physical education, we looked into reasons why Tam should discontinue the class, at least for Tam student athletes.
The Meticulous Art of Free Perioding

The Meticulous Art of Free Perioding

By Gabe Schwartzman October 2, 2022
Obtaining as many free periods as possible is a goal for many Tamalpais High School seniors.
Graphic by Anika Kaplan

Yerba Mate: Tam’s Drink

By Emma Pearson September 29, 2022
For some it’s a hot latte, for others it's a cool glass of lemonade, but there is only one drink that is enough of a delicacy to satisfy the refined palettes of Tamalpais High School students: the Yerba Mate.

Editorial: E-bike

By The Tam News Staff June 8, 2022
The majority of e-bike users neglect to acknowledge all of the dangers and responsibilities that go along with riding a speedy, motorcycle-like, contraption without wearing helmets or much protection at all.
(Emily Stull)

An Outcast Among Outcasts

By Emily Stull April 19, 2022
"I am bisexual, and I shouldn’t have to prove that to a straight person, much less a person in the queer community."
(Tenaya Tremp)

A Foolproof Guide To Handling COVID-19

By Fiona Matney March 3, 2022
So you got exposed to COVID-19 and you’re not sure how to proceed. There are a few essential steps you must follow in order to safely and responsibly deal with the situation.
Naomi Lencher

New Year’s Resolutions

By Sunny Wanger March 3, 2022
Those who partake in New Year’s resolutions and those who don’t create polarizing dividers in our society.
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