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(Emily Stull)

An Outcast Among Outcasts

By Emily Stull April 19, 2022
"I am bisexual, and I shouldn’t have to prove that to a straight person, much less a person in the queer community."
(Tenaya Tremp)

A Foolproof Guide To Handling COVID-19

By Fiona Matney March 3, 2022
So you got exposed to COVID-19 and you’re not sure how to proceed. There are a few essential steps you must follow in order to safely and responsibly deal with the situation.
Naomi Lencher

New Year’s Resolutions

By Sunny Wanger March 3, 2022
Those who partake in New Year’s resolutions and those who don’t create polarizing dividers in our society.
Naomi Lenchner

Editorial: Test Tam High

By Editorial Staff March 3, 2022
Easy access to rapid at-home testing has been proven to be an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 while keeping students on campus.
HBO Max is Better Than Netflix

HBO Max is Better Than Netflix

By Naomi Lenchner March 2, 2022
"Sorry, Netflix, but there’s a new sheriff in town."
(Naomi Lenchner)

Editorial: State of the Bathrooms

January 10, 2022
The lack of respect for our bathrooms and campus has become a deeply rooted issue at Tam.
(Naomi Lenchner)

Digital Damage

By Naomi Lenchner December 13, 2021
Who knew connecting the world would bring it to the brink of destruction.
(Naomi Lenchner)

Seniors Unprepared, Blame Juniors?

By Conall Noonan and Tyler Rothwell December 13, 2021
"We need to hold this senior class accountable for the many mistakes they have already made this year."
(Emily Stull)

Juniors walk too slow, drive too fast. What’s new?

By Lily Lunn December 4, 2021
"As a senior, I feel it is my duty to have a rivalry with the junior class."
(Courtesy of Asher Goldblatt)

Editorial: Spirit Week

December 4, 2021
This year's spirit week was fantastic.
(Emily Stull)

Why We Need a 24-Hour Diner

By Sunny Wanger November 1, 2021
"...a 24/7 diner may be the effective cause that brings to Mill Valley the quality of nightlife every good community has..."
(Naomi Lenchner)

Why We Need To Bring Back Home Economics Classes

By Fiona Matney October 26, 2021
"Home Economics classes make a significant change in how prepared students are for entering the world on their own."
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