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Tam has a problem with white fragility

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Mikyla Williams

April 23, 2020

I‘ve found that while some students understand their privilege and racism at Tam, many don’t.

COVID-19: A manmade disaster

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Samantha Glocker

April 19, 2020

Although the coronavirus has many possible origins, there is evidence that wet markets play a part in the spread of disease.

Why I don’t drive

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Natalia Whitaker

April 12, 2020

When you sit behind the wheel, you become responsible for your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of other drivers.

Gingers aren’t that weird, guys

(Tenaya Tremp)

By John Overton

March 24, 2020

They are, in fact, regular people.

My “remote learning experience”

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Samantha Nichols

March 22, 2020

Online school has been very different than expected.

How to: Instagram

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Jessica Bukowski

March 15, 2020

Advice from an expert on how to curate your Instagram for a certified artsy theme.

Stop doing it for the Gram

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Luke Rasake

March 9, 2020

Why you should stop being an instagram photographer.

Editorial: Save The Tam News

(The Tam News)

By Editorial Staff

March 8, 2020

The district’s proposed cuts would eliminate the print edition and crater the publication’s quality.

Ways to make it look like you care about climate change

(Tenaya Tremp)

By John Overton

March 3, 2020

Realistically, how much do you actually care about climate change? But you still don't want to get in trouble for being a "bad person," so this article will teach you how to fake it.

An outsider’s perspective on American patriotism

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Leah Kennedy

March 1, 2020

After moving to America from Germany, the culture shock of American pride can be intense.

Editorial: This is not a drill

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Editorial Staff

February 8, 2020

The recent lockdown at Tam demonstrated just how important it is to be prepared.