Tam’s mock trial team narrowly beat Marin Academy (MA) to win the county for the 23rd consecutive year.

Tam had gone undefeated in the rest of the county competition and had already beaten MA once.

“The five rounds of competition that this team did were some of the best I’ve ever seen,” alumni coach Jack Budish said.

Budish pointed out a particular moment when captain and Tam News reporter Elissa Asch made the opposing team’s defendant admit to being guilty. “It’s moments like that where you can hear a pin drop in the courtroom and we had a lot of those moments where it felt real and that isn’t an easy thing to do,” Budish said.

“[When we won], we were all screaming and hugging and crying,” sophomore Devin Guinney said. “We like to say ‘One team, one family.’”



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