Peer Resource Holds “Get Smart” Event

On Monday, May 15, the Tam High Peer Resource program began a week long “Get Smart” program to help raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Peer Resource hosted a number of events during the week, which consisted of daily workshops where students could hear from various guest speakers about the risks of intoxication, and a carnival, on Wednesday during tutorial, where students could participate in different activities to better understand how drugs and alcohol impacts their abilities to perform basic tasks.

In addition to raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol consumption, the program also aimed to encourage students to make wiser choices about drug and alcohol use. The intent was not necessarily to prevent drug and alcohol consumption in its entirety, but rather to prevent the harm that can be done to students while they are under the influence. “We used a harm reduction model so we could help students to make the best choices possible for themselves,” said Peer Resource teacher advisor, Kelli McGiven. In this case, harm reduction entails protecting students from things like drunk driving or alcohol poisoning.

The “Get Smart” program was the first major event put on by Peer Resource following the class’ two year absence. The event, specifically the carnival, was hailed by McGiven. “I think it was definitely a success, it was our first big event, and I think it went really well,” said McGiven. “I think it went really well, and I think the students that were there enjoyed it, and also learned something while they were there.”

Many participants highlighted different activities and games during the carnival that taught them about things such as how it feels to drink and drive, and what to do when you encounter someone who is overdosing. “I really like the fact that you play games and you learn stuff about being safe and everything. And then doing that you get to win prizes,” said an anonymous Tam student. “It”s a really good incentive for kids to learn about drugs and alcohol.”

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