The Sustainable Garden Club has recently taken over stewardship of the garden outside the Student Center, formerly the Environmental Science garden. The club is headed by seniors Natalie Overton and Blanche Duann.

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LET IT GROW: The new Sustainable Garden Club now maintains the garden located behind the Student Center.

“Our plans so far have been basically about getting [the garden] cleaned up, getting things pruned and trimmed so that they’re going to grow well in the spring,” science teacher and club adviser John Ginsburg said.

According to Ginsburg, the club’s goal is to create a sustainable food garden rather than a lab space for experiments and observations or a decorative garden. “I think that their other hope would be that they could harvest some of the food from there and have meals for the club,” Ginsburg said.

Responsibility for the garden was based on which teacher had time to tend to it. According to Ginsburg, former science teacher Lyanne Abreu and science teacher April Tucker previously used the garden to grow food and as a lab space, respectively.


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