Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

Getting Ed-Juul-Cated

Hana Curphey, Additional Reporting by Evan Wilch

February 14, 2018

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Sophomore Lily was in history class when the student sitting next to her started Juuling. “The teacher turned around and started talking to me right after he took a hit, so he had it in his lungs,” Lily said. “He wasn’t wearing any sort of shirt [to exhale vapor into]. After the teacher walks...

Three Students Hospitalized Due to Effects of Coricidin

Three Students Hospitalized Due to Effects of Coricidin

James Finn

October 21, 2015

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Between October 12 and 19, three students were removed from school and hospitalized after misusing the over-the-counter prescription drug Coricidin (also known as cough syrup, “Triple C,” or “Skittles”) according to an email sent from Principal Julie Synyard to Tam students, parents, and staff...

The Adderall Black Market

Georgie Shaw

October 12, 2012

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June 13 is coming close and this can only mean summer is around the corner. However, first is the the infamous week of finals, where all the work and information you were supposed to learn this semester is now having you kneel to it’s feet begging for forgiveness for never paying attention in class....

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