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Seniors Change Names on Facebook

Seniors Change Names on Facebook

By Veronica Russell

November 2, 2012

This fall, some seniors have changed their names on their Facebook profiles to avoid unwanted attention from colleges who search the Internet for their applicants. According to a survey of admissions officers through Kaplan, 80 percent of colleges use Facebook to investigate or connect with prospect...

Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook buys Instagram

By Anna Vandergriff

May 21, 2012

Facebook bought Instagram on April 9 for roughly $1 billion, according to the "New York Times." Instagram, a free photo-sharing network based in San Francisco, allows you to take pictures on your smartphone or iPad, add a filter to them, and share them with your friends. Instagram gained over 35 million...

How Facebook has made me into a creeper

By Hank Brown

November 17, 2010

Keeping on task with homework, college apps, crafting fine pottery, brewing meth or whatever kids do these days is difficult, due to the fact that the procrastination machines we call computers and smart phones are so integral to our everyday lives. But today I am not here to discuss how technology is...