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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Jack Loder

November 9, 2017

Filed under Sports

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to fall, and Tam High is humming with anticipation. Winter is coming and it’s basketball season folks. This means it’s time for another three month hoops binge where I spend a ridiculous amount of time, money, and emotional investment in the...

Tamalpais High School: An Architectural History

Tamalpais High School: An Architectural History

Leo DiPierro

May 12, 2016

Filed under Lifestyles

Tam High has arguably the most beautiful and memorable campus in Northern California. Many students walk our halls oblivious to the rich history of the buildings. Since 1908, Tam’s campus has changed drastically, and has serviced countless people. The names of the various buildings around Tam often...

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