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The Lebanon Journals

The Lebanon Journals

Elizabet Nelson

June 3, 2016

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After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, my grandpa Norm invited my dad to travel there with him. Norm often visits places and organizations that he raises money for on Compassion Radio, a daily radio program, and he had never taken my dad to travel with him before. Although I had no clue where Haiti was, I ...

Trevor Perelson: Living his Dreams

Trevor Perelson: Living his Dreams

Wilton Schultz

May 4, 2016

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After Trevor Perelson finished high school, he wanted to live and experience his dreams. He began by travelling across the United States on his bicycle for his grandmother’s 103rd birthday. “I just took the long way,” Perelson said. “It was between four and five months, but I was hanging out, ...

EDITORIAL: Life After High School and the Gap Between Students and Gap Years


January 5, 2013

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To overworked students, the idea of twelve months of freedom is extremely appealing. A year to slow down, gain invaluable work experience, or explore the world provides students with the time and opportunity to take a break and prepare to plunge into college. But only a few 2012 Tam graduates took...

Bridging the Gap: Tam Students Explore the Road Less Traveled

Bridging the Gap: Tam Students Explore the Road Less Traveled

Markita Schulman & Aidan Hersh and Markita Schulman & Aidan Hersh

December 20, 2012

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“The Global Hobo” is a blog kept by 2012 Tam graduate Ania Boryslawska detailing her year off from traditional education. “I’m eighteen years old and have an insatiable hunger for something. Something that I felt college couldn’t deliver. Not yet at least,” Boryslawska writes in an introduction...

Tam students travel abroad

Melissa Uzes

May 5, 2010

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In the days leading up to spring break, three groups of Tamalpais High School students packed their bags and left the comfort of Mill Valley for a more exotic adventure. While the rest of Tam prepared for spring break, the Spanish students were off to Mexico, the French students were on their way to...

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