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Wil Owens: The life of a Tam legend

Wil Owens: The life of a Tam legend

Max Shulman

March 15, 2012

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“I guess I had been here two years,” recalled Wil Owens, Tam’s head campus supervisor. “A teacher called me down to the parking lot and said, ‘Wil, smell.’ We smelled nothing but marijuana emanating in volumes from a vehicle. So we found the student, and we asked him whether or not it ...

Wil retiring

June 11, 2011

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After seven years as a Campus Supervisor at Tam, Wil Owens has decided to retire. He will be leaving after the 2012 graduation, for personal reasons, to spend his retirement in Italy, with his wife. “Even though I will still be around, I’ll always miss the students,” said Owens, who has devoted...