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The Best Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming

The Best Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming

By Adam Tolson and Adam Tolson

October 26, 2017

For most schools around the United States, Homecoming is an exciting time in the school year. However, this tradition seems to be lost at Tam. The dance is even being moved to a Friday night this year to compensate for a rap festival in the city that is taking place  the same weekend. There are many th...

When Life Gives You LemMons

Junior Jackson Moore, the varsity quarterback.

By Jack Loder

August 31, 2017

First year head Coach Matthew LemMon wasted no time making one thing clear, standing outside the Varsity football team’s weekly film session Monday afternoon. This year’s helmeted Hawks are going to compete at a high level. “They’re a hard working, passionate bunch, that much has been clear to...