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Ballet is for boys too

By Johanna Meezan September 14, 2019
Ballet needs both men and women, and everyone, the media especially, needs to know that.

Humans of Tam: The Thing That Makes Them Happy

By Logan Little May 22, 2019

Humans of Tam features anonymous students and snippets of their voices and experiences. It [ballet] was taking over my life pretty much. I couldn’t do anything and ballet at the same time. I had no...

Lisa Mallet Does Ballet

Lisa Mallet Does Ballet

By Cam Vernali December 11, 2014

Like many Tam students, Junior Lisa Mallet dances at the popular Roco dance studios. “I dance because it has always been something that I have loved and enjoyed doing.” Mallet said, “It’s one...

WINGSPAN: Ordway braces for a shot from Terra Linda offense.  Photo by: Kristie Lee

Ballet Brings Star Goalie to Tam

By Joe Laland October 3, 2012

Ballet isn’t a typical cross training sport for water polo players. However, senior Elliot Ordway has transitioned from ballet dancer to one of the toughest water polo goalies in MCAL. “3 years...

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