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“Argo” Solidifies Ben Affleck as a Great Director, but Remains a Lackluster Actor

By Wesley Emblidge

October 10, 2012

I've never really liked Ben Affleck as an actor all that much. He's been in very good movies, but his performance was never really a standout. That is, until he turned to directing. His debut "Gone Baby Gone" was a great surprise, and his follow-up "The Town" just reaffirmed him as a really great...

GALLERY: Stars Show Up to the 35th Annual MVFF

GALLERY: Stars Show Up to the 35th Annual MVFF

By Wesley Emblidge and Wesley Emblidge

October 5, 2012

Ben Affleck was set to introduce his latest film "Argo" on October 5 at the 35th annual Mill Valley Film Festival, but due to a case of strep throat was unable to attend. However, filling in for Affleck were one of his co-stars Bryan Cranston (Three-time Emmy winner for "Breaking Bad") and the writer...

35th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival Starts Today

The poster for this years 35th anniversary festival.

October 4, 2012

Today, October 4, is the first day of the local Mill Valley Film Festival, celebrating its 35th anniversary with a wide range of high profile films and guests. With 11 days of films, over 40,000 tickets sold and more than 200 films shown each October, the MVFF is certainly the biggest event of the month....