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Clodagh Mellet: Breaking Away

Clodagh Mellet: Breaking Away

By Kara Kneafsey

April 9, 2019

Ranked 16th in the Nation last year, and now racing at the pro level, senior Clodagh Mellet is taking Tam High Mountain Biking by storm. Mellet is one of the few girls on the team this year, however, this has not stopped her from placing top three in the state. Prior to high school, Mellet never anticipat...

EDITORIAL: Transportation Limited by Theft

EDITORIAL: Transportation Limited by Theft

By Tam News Staff

November 17, 2013

As reported in this issue’s article “Bike Theft Spike Prompts Security Re-evaluation,” the Tam community is dealing with the effects of a recent increase in bike thefts. The implications of these crimes extend farther than individual students’ loss of property. The thefts discourage students...

“Is This Muir Woods?”

Graphic by: Dennis Lubensky

By Sarah Asch

November 13, 2013

It’s happened to all of us. They pedal by with their sack lunches and accordion maps and you just have to help them because they look so sad and confused. You know you will have to tell them that they have been biking in the wrong direction for several miles, and you know you will have to witness them...

Bike Theft Spike Prompts Security Re-evaluation

Bike Theft Spike Prompts Security Re-evaluation

By Emma Boczek

November 8, 2013

Bicycle theft has increased on campus this semester with five bikes stolen on October 17 alone, according to an email sent to Tam parents on October 18 by Principal Julie Synyard. “We know we’ve got a situation,” Synyard said in an interview. “We are definitely trying to be extremely proactive...

Finally: Safe-hit Posts Installed for Bikers

By Jackson Twilling

October 31, 2011

Cars, especially in high school, get too much praise. Yes, they’re useful and make you look “older” and “cooler.” However, those of us who bike and “share” the road with cars can easily say that cars are frightening. Mill Valley has decided to make biking significantly less dangerous by...