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We Chose the Tech Life

We Chose the Tech Life
January 26, 2018

Junior Kelly Borgstrom has no cell phone, computer, or internet in her home, and likes it that way. She does research using books from the library, and hand writes all of her assignments. If a teacher...

The Fault in Our Fiction

graphic by: johanna wong
October 2, 2014

It often seems like I can’t browse the aisles of any bookstore or “Young Adult” reading section without cringing. The magenta spines and cerulean blue covers seem to scream, “I have no substance!”...

“The Drowned Cities”: a much needed sci-fi thriller

June 4, 2012

For anyone still mired in the world of “The Hunger Games,” this latest young adult offering from celebrated sci-fi author Paolo Bacigalupi is sure to at least temporarily fill the void. As seems to...

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