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Editorial: Running From Climate Change

October 14, 2021
Class disparities will continue to be emphasized as California faces the effects of climate change.
Editorial: Global Warming and California Fires

Editorial: Global Warming and California Fires

December 14, 2018

Over the past two years, neighboring communities have been ravished by devastating wildfires. While Marin County has been relatively unharmed by these fires, it is important to understand that one day,...

EDITORIAL: Ending the STEM Supremacy

December 18, 2017

Most writing is bad. Anyone who’s suffered through the dreaded peer editing session or seen the anguish on the face of an English teacher facing a tall stack of papers to grade knows this. Yet many people...

California Becomes First State to Offer Non-Binary Option

By Logan Little December 12, 2017

It will be possible to identify as gender non-binary on California driver’s licenses and state documents, starting in 2019. Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 179 or the Gender Recognition Act on...

Mill Valley Marijuana Regulations

Mill Valley Marijuana Regulations

By Camille Howard October 31, 2017

By January of 2018, the City of Mill Valley must establish a local cannabis (marijuana) ordinance, or else they have to comply with state regulations which legalize medical and recreational distribution....

Fire in Sausalito

By Griffin Chen & Aaron Young October 26, 2017

  At around noon on October 17, a fast-moving brush fire broke out along the southbound side of Highway 101. Local fire departments, with assistance from the California Department of Forestry and...

Athlete of the Issue: Karim Shakur, NCS Wrestling Champion

Athlete of the Issue: Karim Shakur, NCS Wrestling Champion

By Miles Rubens and Miles Rubens & Zoe Wynn March 14, 2017

Karim Shakur’s remarkable transformation into an elite high school wrestler didn’t take place overnight. Shakur, this year’s NCS champion in his 195 pound weight class was the first Tam wrestler...

Graphic by: Emma Blackburn

Featured Opinion: Death Penalty

By Maddie Wall and Maddie Wall November 10, 2016

In 1972, the California Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional, only for it to be reinstated 6 years later. In 2012, Prop 32 would have repealed the death penalty in California,...


Trevor Perelson: Living his Dreams

By Wilton Schultz May 4, 2016

After Trevor Perelson finished high school, he wanted to live and experience his dreams. He began by travelling across the United States on his bicycle for his grandmother’s 103rd birthday. “I just...

Graphic by: Dennis Lubensky

“Is This Muir Woods?”

By Sarah Asch November 13, 2013

It’s happened to all of us. They pedal by with their sack lunches and accordion maps and you just have to help them because they look so sad and confused. You know you will have to tell them that they...

UC Acceptance of California Students Decreases

UC Acceptance of California Students Decreases

By Sarah Asch June 10, 2013

This year, 2.2 percent fewer California high school students were accepted into University of California schools (UCs), according to an article published in the LA Times in April. The article indicated...

Political Differences in Jackson Hole Help to Create a More Educated Student Body

Political Differences in Jackson Hole Help to Create a More Educated Student Body

By Emma Talkoff November 5, 2012

The political culture at Tam is perhaps easily explained by geography–with 54.4 percent of Marin voters registered as Democrats, the county is the third most liberal in the state, after San Francisco...

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