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Editorial: Technology in the Classroom

Editorial: Technology in the Classroom

By Editorial Staff

June 11, 2018

Educational technology, which includes things like Chromebooks and Google Drive, has the potential to be incredibly beneficial. It makes many parts of learning faster and simpler; it streamlines student to student and student to teacher collaboration; it saves lots and lots of paper. But it brings wi...

We Chose the Tech Life

We Chose the Tech Life

By Zoe Cowan

January 26, 2018

Junior Kelly Borgstrom has no cell phone, computer, or internet in her home, and likes it that way. She does research using books from the library, and hand writes all of her assignments. If a teacher insists it must be typed, she will use her typewriter. Having and using technology constantly inside an...

EDITORIAL: Beyond Fractions

EDITORIAL: Beyond Fractions

By Tam News Staff

November 1, 2014

As portrayed in this month’s feature, Tam’s Running for Change program aims to assist kids that are struggling either academically or in life, and help them use running as a tool to better themselves. It is rare to see a high school program with such an overwhelming impact on students’ lives both...

Hawk Talk: Technology in the Classroom


March 24, 2013

Tam’s plentiful technological resources have grown in recent years. For some innovative teachers, this means supplying students with web-equipped devices, such as laptops and iPads, and making use of reconfigured classrooms like 2020 to update their teaching techniques. But how effective is Tam’s...