The Tam News

Tam Wins Golden Ribbon Award

By Maddie Asch

June 4, 2017

Tamalpais High school was awarded the Gold Ribbon award by the California Department of Education (CDE) on April 18. “The [award] seeks to recognize outstanding educational programs and practices,” according to the CDE. According to Principal JC Farr, Tam received this award because of its core Prog...

LoRayne Ortega Moves Up From MVMS

LoRayne Ortega Moves Up From MVMS

By Daniel Zwiebach

September 12, 2014

LoRayne Ortega moved from Mill Valley Middle School (MVMS) across the street to Tam this year to teach English 1/2 and AP Comp. Ortega has taught middle school and junior high for 12 years, but says that she has always wanted to teach high school level students. Ortega has a daughter at Tam, senior ...

Michael Rawlins Brings Environmental Awareness to Tam

Michael Rawlins Brings Environmental Awareness to Tam

By Marina Furbush

September 11, 2014

Michael Rawlins was hired as a Social Studies teacher, currently teaching freshman core, at Tam this year. Previously he taught at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. "Tam I think is a fantastic school for me, a great fit because of the community involvement here and the freedom it gives its t...

Sophomore Classes Set Out to Change the World

Sophomore Classes Set Out to Change the World

By Haley Fretes

June 10, 2013

Since mid-April, the Chamberlin-Kurita-Ditz sophomore Core classes have been working on an assignment entitled “The Change-the-World Project” in which students are to identify an issue that they are intrigued by and try and help solve the problem. Students have a wide variety of topics they are addressing,...

Briefly: Sophomores Attend Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Briefly: Sophomores Attend Oregon Shakespeare Festival

By Elizabeth Archer

June 3, 2013

Twenty-four sophomore students from social studies teacher Jon Hartquist and English teacher Mike Levinson’s Core classes traveled to Ashland, Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on May 3-6. The students attended three plays: “My Fair Lady,” “The Unfortunates” and “Taming of the...

Core program completes first two-year cycle

By Natasha Harvey

September 29, 2012

After concluding the first two years of the Core program, students and faculty have differing opinions on its progress. The Core program, which began in 2010, is an integrated program for freshman and sophomores, in which students have the same English and social studies teachers for both years. The tea...

English and Social Studies Core program continues

By Sophia Ellingson

October 24, 2011

This fall marks the second year of Tam’s Core Program for freshmen and sophomores. Core is a system that teams up one English teacher and one Social Studies teacher for two consecutive years. The objective is to decrease stress and increase learning by connecting the two subjects and teachers. Although...