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Relatives sometimes mess with your Facebook

Attack of the Relatives: Facebook Edition

By Declan Katz February 13, 2014

I’m lucky to have the support of a great family, and have yet to be disowned by them. But one piece of constructive criticism I have for my family is that they need to leave Facebook. Or, at the very...

Flavored alcohol may appeal to younger drinkers.

Potential Beverage Ban Draws Student Skepticism

By Declan Katz January 7, 2013

Tiburon and Strawberry recently made moves to start a voluntary ban of “alcopops”, alcoholic beverages containing alcohol content anywhere from 4 to 17 percent, as well as a sweet flavor. San Rafael...

Boys varsity water polo wins 7-2 against Northgate Mustangs

By Declan Katz September 6, 2012

On September 6, the Tam boys varsity water polo team faced the Northgate Mustangs at home in a 7-2 victory. A dominant offense and defense with contributions from freshman Jackson Hettler, junior Alec...

After a week-long suspension, Young returns to his team, the Detroit Tigers. Photo courtesy of

Delmon Young: Poor choices, poorer consequences

By Declan Katz and Declan Katz May 29, 2012

On April 27, Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was arrested for aggravated harassment and public intoxication in New York City. Reports indicate that Young came out of a bar where a homeless man...

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