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A culture of misinformation

A culture of misinformation

By Sophia Weinberg, Op/Ed Editor May 25, 2023
Presently, high schoolers are living in a time of technological advances. Teenagers are relying more and more on social media, and in many unfortunate cases, it is their only news source.
Lack of motivation for state testing

Lack of motivation for state testing

By Luella Searson, Reporter May 16, 2023
In recent years CAASPP testing has not been a top priority for Tam students. Students opt out of these tests, creating a lack of participation problem and driving the school's ranking down.
Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

Editorial: P.E. As a Required Course

By Editorial Staff Oct 4, 2022
While Tamalpais High School students are required to get two years worth of credits for physical education, we looked into reasons why Tam should discontinue the class, at least for Tam student athletes.
Naomi Lenchner

Editorial: Test Tam High

By Editorial Staff Mar 3, 2022
Easy access to rapid at-home testing has been proven to be an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 while keeping students on campus.
(Naomi Lenchner)

Editorial: State of the Bathrooms

Jan 10, 2022
The lack of respect for our bathrooms and campus has become a deeply rooted issue at Tam.
(Paige Anderson)

Editorial: The emotional impact of distance learning

Feb 6, 2021
In addition to its commonly cited academic pitfalls, the student body seems to be experiencing emotional distress at the hands of at-home education.
(Sophia Martin)

Editorial: “Breach of contract and gross negligence”

By Editorial Staff May 22, 2020
The problems with AP testing are not novel or unprecedented — but the pandemic may give us the chance to rethink public education.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Editorial: Save our schools

By Editorial Staff Mar 12, 2020
Measure B failed, and our district is facing drastic cuts. We can't let that happen again.
(The Tam News)

Editorial: Save The Tam News

By Editorial Staff Mar 8, 2020
The district’s proposed cuts would eliminate the print edition and crater the publication’s quality.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Editorial: This is not a drill

By Editorial Staff Feb 8, 2020
The recent lockdown at Tam demonstrated just how important it is to be prepared.
Contra Costa police raided homes in Marin City on November 14. (The Tam News)

Editorial: Undercovered

By Editorial Staff Dec 15, 2019
The recent police raid in Marin City raised questions about some of the news sources that covered it.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Editorial: Burn notice

By Editorial Staff Oct 19, 2019
Our house is on fire. Absent global action on an unprecedented scale, it will stay that way.
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