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The SUV Epidemic

The SUV Epidemic

December 13, 2018

The Porsche SUV is an enigma wrapped in a $600 Louis Vuitton scarf. Owning one of these cars manages to say, “My spouse is never home and this is gluten-free vodka in a $30 water bottle,” while simultaneously...

Satire: Much Ado About Nuttin

Satire: Much Ado About Nuttin’

By Milo Levine May 22, 2018

In an email sent out to parents and students on May 1, the administration stated their concern with the recent rise of student masturbation on campus. This email comes as the CDC has declared a national...

Zootopia: A Childrens Movie for all Ages

Zootopia: A “Children’s Movie” for all Ages

By Trevor Bukowski June 2, 2016

Welcome to the animated world where humans don’t exist, sloths drive sports cars, and a gazelle is a national pop sensation. Zootopia, a Walt Disney Production, hit theaters on March 4th, bringing in...


Pranks of the Past

By Blake Villanueva November 5, 2015

The final year of high school is the time to make mischief. The most important class tradition is the senior prank, the chance for the graduating class to leave its mark on the school, figuratively or...

Strange Scholarships: From Height to Duct Tape

Strange Scholarships: From Height to Duct Tape

By Casey O'Brien March 29, 2014

With the price of college education in America rising to unprecedented heights, many students have become nervous about their ability to pay for their education, and fear having to pay off huge student...

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