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Push For No HW Weekends

Push For No HW Weekends

By Adam Tolson and Madeline Asch and Maddie Asch

November 15, 2017

Senior and leadership member T.K. Dahlke is working on a project to designate certain days or weekends on which teachers are not allowed to assign homework. Dahlke first had the idea for this policy towards the end of last school year, and began taking action in late August of this year. “I’m thin...

Homework is Killing Sleep

By Ava Finn

September 22, 2017

After receiving all your homework from all your classes, you go home, take a little time to relax and as you glance over your phone, you find that three hours have gone by and it's five. Seven classes, seven different assignments. All different in length and amount of brain work needed. Now it’s se...

Procrastination Essay_Draft 4

Procrastination Essay_Draft 4

By Jordan Blackburn

October 2, 2014

It’s a problem we’ve all faced: you sit down to write the greatest, most important essay of your life, (one that coincidentally happens to be worth 10 percent of your first semester grade and is due tomorrow. “NO MOM, I COULDN’T START IT BEFORE TODAY I WAS REALLY BUSY, GOD!”) You open up your...