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Stinson Restaurant “The Lunch Box” is a Must

By Jackie O'Boyle

May 10, 2013

After a hot day at Stinson Beach all I want is a refreshing drink and a good meal. The Lunch Box, a small quaint restaurant in Stinson Beach, has just that. Upon entering, you immediately feel the cool air conditioning. There are beautiful paintings of Mount Tam all along the walls. You look up to t...

Wrestling Team on the Rise

Wrestling Team on the Rise

By Jackie O'Boyle & Max Shulman

February 14, 2013

Tam High’s varsity wrestling team has made an enormous improvement in terms of skill, collaboration, and in matches won this season. Last year yielded a 2-6 record. This year, however, Tam is currently 3-4 in the MCAL season, with victories over both Drake and Marin Catholic. This season’s team has a variety of new additions. Eight freshmen, three sophomores, one ...