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A Survey of the Class of 2021

A Survey of the Class of 2021

By Logan Little and Leah Kennedy June 8, 2021
The Tam News surveyed seniors before and after the return to in-person learning. This is what they said ...
(Courtesy of BPL Watch)

BPL Watch embarks on second season

By Samantha Nichols and Leah Kennedy January 7, 2021
The talk show was created last year by two class of '20 graduates, and has begun a second season hosted by four current seniors.
(Tahlia Amanson)

Why early 2000’s TV shows are better

By Leah Kennedy October 23, 2020
Back when there was scarce social media, no smartphones, and no quick answer through a google search, TV shows in America were thriving.
(Courtesy of Muir Beach CSD)

Muir Beach begins removing racist clauses from property deeds

By Leah Kennedy October 17, 2020
The Community Services District of Muir Beach identified over 80 property deeds that contained a statement prohibiting sale to people of color.
(Tenaya Tremp)

An outsider’s perspective on American patriotism

By Leah Kennedy March 1, 2020
After moving to America from Germany, the culture shock of American pride can be intense.
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