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Prom Has Record Sales

Prom Has Record Sales

By Elissa Asch

June 7, 2018

Tam’s 2018 prom was held on May 26 at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Though prom planning included all of the basics — DJ, photo booth, food — there were three things about this prom that stood out, according to student, teacher planners and attendees. One was the venue. Event coordinator and sen...

Political March on Town Hall

Political March on Town Hall

By Marie Hogan and Raqshan Khan

February 2, 2017

On January 27 President Donald Trump signed an executive order that suspended entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days, blocked Syrian refugees indefinitely, and denied entry for citizens of six Muslim majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen) for 90 days. The order also temporarily blocked ...

Leadership Enforces Stricter Club Rules

By Marie Hogan

November 10, 2016

Leadership is enforcing club regulations more strictly this year in a move to increase oversight and protect against potential audits. Because of increased state auditing, clubs are now required to take notes on every meeting and check in regularly with a newly set up Google Classroom, among other c...