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Lucky Shulman: Brining Tam Lax to LA

By Sophia Venables

May 3, 2017

Senior and Tam News design and photo editor, Lucky Shulman, will be fulfilling her longtime goal of playing midfield for the UCLA lacrosse team next year. Growing up mainly on the East Coast, Shulman was surrounded by an intensely competitive lacrosse community since the age of seven. “[In New Ham...

Head Case: What Are You Giving Up to Play?

Graphic by Lucky Schulman

By Adam Tolson

October 13, 2016

Junior Trevor Lopez will never play competitive football again. Years of hard hits and gruesome blows to the head have taken their toll on Lopez, who has had a passion for the game ever since seventh grade. Up until now, football has been the centerpiece of Lopez’s life; to see it come to an end was...

Intramural Sports at Lunch Start Up

Intramural Sports at Lunch Start Up

By Miles Rubens & Lucky Shulman and Miles Rubens & Lucky Shulman

November 28, 2015

Physical Education teacher Erin Lawley has taken the lead in starting an intramural sports program on campus. The first intramural sports lunch took place on October 20. Erin Lawley encouraged all students to participate in the program. “[Intramural sports] are open to anyone and everyone,” she ...

Sports Update: April 28 Action

Sports Update: April 28 Action

By Calvin Rosevear and Calvin Rosevear

April 29, 2015

GIRLS’ VARSITY LACROSSE SUFFERS LOSS TO UNIVERSITY The girls’ varsity lacrosse team lost to University High School 14-7 on April 28 in San Francisco. This brings their overall record to 2-11 and their league record to 0-7. Despite the score, Natalie Butler, one of the girls’ coaches, was pl...

High School Students Get a Taste of College

High School Students Get a Taste of College

By Devon Stoeber

March 24, 2015

With the end of the school year approaching, junior Tommy Searle is anxiously waiting to hear back from the Management and Technology Summer Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. The program combines learning about business and exploring different disciplines of engineering while giving high school...