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Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Brothers Grimsby”

Sacha Baron Cohen’s

By Marie Hogan

May 4, 2016

The first thing to know about “The Brothers Grimsby,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film, is that it is a Sacha Baron Cohen film. The second thing to know is that elephant semen is a major plot point. So is “The Brothers Grimsby” good? Bad? It’s a question I was forced to ask myself a lot...

“Zero Dark Thirty” Review: A Great Film and a Piece of Journalism

By Wesley Emblidge

January 4, 2013

Time and time again films are released under the guise that they are “based on a true story” or something of the sort, but rarely do those films feel authentic. There have been some awful, contrived Hollywood films this year like “The Vow” or “Chasing Mavericks” that just paste that true st...