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TiK ToK…#throwback Time (Top 5 Throwback Songs of the Last Decade)

TiK ToK...#throwback Time (Top 5 Throwback Songs of the Last Decade)

By Dahlia Zail and Dahlia Zail

June 5, 2017

Throwback song time!!! And no I’m not talking about ANYTHING recent. I’m talking straight out of elementary school - because we all know that’s where the lit tunes were at. Here’s my top 10: 1. “TiK ToK” by Ke$ha This came out on “Animal,” Ke$ha’s 2010 album. It was one of those ...

Form Over Function

Form Over Function

By Isabella Schloss

December 16, 2013

Everyone knows that one person who constantly complains about how terrible modern music is, saying that the only good music was made back in the 1960’s and 70’s. This person may even be you. This argument is flawed and overlooks a lot of talented artists, but there may be some truth in it. Since...

“Bangerz” Brings Out Miley Cyrus’s New Identity

Graphic by: Cassie Jeong

By Jasmine Caputo

November 20, 2013

Media’s current “it girl” Miley Cyrus released her new album Bangerz on October 4, showing the world who the “new Miley” really is. With every song containing Cyrus’s country-rooted voice over heavy beats and electronic sounds, the change in her music style is obvious. Her first single from...

The Miley Debacle

Graphic by: Cassie Jeong

By Bella Levaggi

October 1, 2013

The week of August 26 was quite eventful. News headlines everywhere boldly advertised the image of former Disney sweetheart Miley Cyrus as she engaged in a style of dance commonly referred to as “twerking” at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Also of note was the surge in calls for action regarding the...