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Local Libraries Offer Resources to Students

Local Libraries Offer Resources to Students

By Marina Furbush

September 21, 2015

With the start of the school year there are a variety of resources, academic and otherwise, available to students at both the Tam Library and the Mill Valley Public Library (MVPL). Link Crew is running after school peer tutoring at the Tam library. The program is underclassmen-focused, although all grade levels are w...

Mill Valley Public Library Expands Young Adult Section

Mill Valley Public Library Expands Young Adult Section

By Marley Townsend

October 3, 2013

The Mill Valley Public Library has begun expanding its Young Adult (YA) literature, music, graphic novel and DVD sections, in a move they hope will increase high school student traffic and participation in library events. The new section, located on the main floor of the library, will be open exclusively...

Wilderness Navigation Event at Mill Valley Public Library

By Emma Talkoff

April 1, 2013

Students interested in wilderness survival and exploration will have the opportunity to pick up outdoor navigation skills at the library this Thursday at the most recent of the Mill Valley Public Library’s First Thursday events. In addition to learning about wilderness navigation and other aspects...

First Thursdays Continue: Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt

Junirs Cate Wilmoth, Grace Lightner, and Josh Leung display their prizes following the Hunger Games event.

By Anna Vandergriff, Anna Vandergriff, and Anna Vandergriff

December 26, 2012

The Hunger Games Trivia Scavenger Hunt was held at the Mill Valley Public Library as a part of the First Thursday program for high school students on December 6. Junior Cate Wilmoth won first prize, choosing a Hunger Games DVD. She was followed by junior Josh Leung, who received the Hunger Games...