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Cosmopolis is a little different, just like Robert Pattinsons prostate

“Cosmopolis” is a little different, just like Robert Pattinson’s prostate

By Wesley Emblidge August 26, 2012

I’m still not entirely sure what to make of “Cosmopolis,” but like a lot of films directed by David Cronenberg, I may never really be sure. This is a movie that almost seems intent on being strange...

Occupy Davis: Thousands of college students attended protests at UC Davis in November. Much of the protests have been in response to the use of pepper spray against Occupy protestors on the campus quad. Photo by Melissa Uzes.

Troubling Times for the University of California

By Chris Henn December 7, 2011

Ten U.C. Davis students were arrested and two more hospitalized after being pepper sprayed by campus police during a protest on Friday, November 18. The day before, students set up a tent encampment,...

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