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A culture of misinformation

A culture of misinformation

By Sophia Weinberg, Op/Ed Editor May 25, 2023
Presently, high schoolers are living in a time of technological advances. Teenagers are relying more and more on social media, and in many unfortunate cases, it is their only news source.
Lack of motivation for state testing

Lack of motivation for state testing

By Luella Searson, Reporter May 16, 2023
In recent years CAASPP testing has not been a top priority for Tam students. Students opt out of these tests, creating a lack of participation problem and driving the school's ranking down.
Call Ski Week whatever you want.

Call Ski Week whatever you want.

By Emma Pearson April 3, 2023
I couldn't care less what Ski Week is called. Its existence is elitist, changing the name doesn’t erase that.

Dianne Feinstein is the last thing you should be worried about in congress right now – Here’s why

By Emma Pearson March 6, 2023
I read an article today in my American Government class about California Senator Dianne Feinsten. The class is a state-required course in which we are supposed to learn and understand the systems and inner-workings of the American government system so that we may navigate citizenship. 

American Education and the Fate of Affirmative Action

By Sophia Weinberg November 17, 2022
Affirmative Action should be banned, but only once America's systematic racism is no longer prevalent in society. In order to reach this point in society, we need policies like Affirmative Action as a safeguard against already existent systematic racism.
Halloween ‘too scary’ for Mill Valley residents to celebrate

Halloween ‘too scary’ for Mill Valley residents to celebrate

By Anika Kapan November 3, 2022

As All Hallow’s Eve looms on the horizon, Mill Valley residents avert their eyes, hide under their blankets, and tremble at their festive responsibilities. The houses are bare of jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs,...

Naomi Lenchner

Editorial: Test Tam High

By Editorial Staff March 3, 2022
Easy access to rapid at-home testing has been proven to be an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 while keeping students on campus.
(Emily Stull)

My Phobia of Teenage Drivers

By Oona O'Neill April 26, 2021
I am sure there are many well-equipped, responsible teenagers driving around. However, there are not enough.
(Tenaya Tremp)

The truth about coffee

By Sophia Martin May 24, 2020
Let's all just be honest with ourselves ... coffee doesn't taste good.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Tam has a problem with white fragility

By Mikyla Williams April 23, 2020
I‘ve found that while some students understand their privilege and racism at Tam, many don’t.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Why I don’t drive

By Natalia Whitaker April 12, 2020
When you sit behind the wheel, you become responsible for your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of other drivers.
(Sophia Martin)

Can I say the “f-word”?

By Skye Schoenhoeft February 7, 2020
Navigating the reclamation of identity slurs.
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