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Stop doing it for the Gram

(Tenaya Tremp)

By Luke Rasake

March 9, 2020

Why you should stop being an instagram photographer.

Art in The Photo Room

Art in The Photo Room

By Ava Finn

March 6, 2017

Art students at Tam have always had the freedom to express themselves. Of course there are lines that must be drawn to outline the definition of what art can be to a high school student for school, and those lines or boundaries must be drawn over both girls and boys. All students, whether boy or girl h...

Facebook buys Instagram

Facebook buys Instagram

By Anna Vandergriff

May 21, 2012

Facebook bought Instagram on April 9 for roughly $1 billion, according to the "New York Times." Instagram, a free photo-sharing network based in San Francisco, allows you to take pictures on your smartphone or iPad, add a filter to them, and share them with your friends. Instagram gained over 35 million...