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Athlete Q&A with Annie Whalen (Girls’ Varsity Swimmer)

Athlete Q&A with Annie Whalen (Girls' Varsity Swimmer)

By Jackson Gathard

May 2, 2016

Senior Annie Whalen is on the girls’ varsity swimming team, and has been a part of various leagues throughout her swimming experience. I asked her a few questions about her past in the sport and her plans to continue. Q: How long have you been swimming (how did you get started)? I’ve been swimmi...

Artist of the Issue Q&A: Isabel Alamin

Artist of the Issue Q&A: Isabel Alamin

By Connor Norton

December 10, 2015

Junior Isabel Alamin is an Advanced Placement Art student who has been making art since sixth grade with her mechanical pencil.  She has since graduated to charcoal and acrylic paint.   I see a lot of different mediums represented in your art. How did you start using such a wide variety of tools? It used ...

French Exchange Q&A

By Hannah Chorley

November 21, 2014

Sammy Lebuhn, Junior Were you scared to have a French exchange student? I was a little bit nervous about the language barrier, but I was so excited to have Ambre meet all my friends and to show off Mill Valley to her. What was it like bringing Ambre to school with you? Sometimes it was a bit st...

Q&A with Tam’s New Principal: Dr. Julie Synyard

Dr. Julie Synyard
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By Emma Talkoff

June 12, 2013

Next year Tam will welcome Dr. Julie Synyard as our school’s new principal. Synyard has taught English and history and received her administrative credential in the Albany Unified School District in Albany, California. Also a veteran administrator of St. Helena High School, Synyard served as vice pr...