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The Fault in Our Fiction

graphic by: johanna wong

By Camille Morgan

October 2, 2014

It often seems like I can’t browse the aisles of any bookstore or “Young Adult” reading section without cringing. The magenta spines and cerulean blue covers seem to scream, “I have no substance!” These books are titled using a rather limited word bank, often using solely an adjecti...

Open a Book and Open a Part of Yourself

Open a Book and Open a Part of Yourself

By Maddie Elias

November 6, 2012

Sometimes people ask me why I read so much. When they ask this, my response always comes down to, “Because it’s fun.” I must be insane, right? A book is just a bunch of words on a bunch of paper, which sure doesn’t sound like much fun. And yet, it’s the truth. Reading a good book can be an...