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Editorial: Not on schedule

(Tenaya Tremp)
By Editorial Staff September 19, 2019
Parts of the scheduling conflicts were unavoidable. But there were many places where they could have been handled more smoothly.

District considers consolidating, cutting electives

District considers consolidating, cutting electives
By Benjy Wall-Feng December 14, 2018

Administrators, teachers, and students across the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) are discussing the potential proposal of a number of cost-cutting changes to scheduling policies next year,...

Wake Up

Wake Up
February 2, 2017

By Zoe Wynn It’s six in the morning and a loud sound erupts in junior Madeline Murr’s bedroom. Outside, it is still completely dark, and in that moment all she wants to do is crawl under the covers...

EDITORIAL: Tam’s Schedule in Debate

By Staff March 13, 2013

By next fall, the Tam bell schedule may change. The faculty are contractually guaranteed the right to periodically re-examine our school’s daily schedule and then decide on whether or not to alter it....

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