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EDITORIAL: Student Involvement in District

EDITORIAL: Student Involvement in District

October 7, 2013

This past summer and this fall, our publication gained some firsthand experience with local politics. We sought Tam and district administration approval for the purchase of new equipment to support our growing video arm, and met with members of the Tam administration to present the video project to the...

District Proposes New Unexcused Absence Policy

HALL MONITOR: A new district policy proposes that unexcused absences can no longer lower students' grades. Photo by: Sophia Ellingson

By Sonja Hutson

February 11, 2013

The Tamalpais Union Board of Trustees is drafting a new policy on consequences for unexcused absences. The new policy, which continues to be revised with input from the community and is not yet in effect, aims to remedy what Superintendent Laurie Kimbrel calls “double and triple jeopardy.” The...