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When You Can’t Sleep (On These Redhawks)

When You Can't Sleep (On These Redhawks)

By Abby Frazee and Abby Frazee

June 3, 2017

Once in awhile, you may desire to have an “early night.” At 10 P.M., you have the power to overcome your addiction to Netflix and instead hit the hay. Why is it, for me at least, that these are always the nights you can never sleep? At 12 in the morning, you lie there thinking about what it meant...

Student Sleep Habits at Tam

May 27, 2016

by Elissa Asch Some students understand that the extra half hour they stay up on Instagram at night makes them a little drowsy the next day, but what they don't realize is that it also has the potential to shorten their life expectancy according to Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine...

Early Start Leads to Poor Focus For Sleep Deprived Teens

Early Start Leads to Poor Focus For Sleep Deprived Teens

By C.J. LaDuke

April 10, 2013

Every day at 7:55 AM, hordes of half-awake Tam students trudge toward their 1st period classes like zombies. “Everyone is usually half asleep at least until the break after 1st period,” junior Walter Rivas said. These early morning classes are notorious for exhausted, sleeping and unfocused students...