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Sports Opinion: Selective Spirit

Sports Opinion: Selective Spirit

By Zoe Wynn and Zoe Wynn

February 1, 2017

Ask a student about Tam school spirit at basketball games and they’ll  probably describe the atmosphere as electric. Masses of people line up at the door waiting to get their hands stamped so they can run onto the bleachers where they will remain riveted for the next four quarters. The bleachers are fu...

Not So Spirited?

Not So Spirited?

By Megan Butt and Megan Butt

June 4, 2015

Every year at the homecoming football game the Tam stands are filled with spirited students and members of the community. However, throughout the rest of the year, those stands remain predominantly empty. This wasn’t always the case. According to Tam alumna and staff member Jewel Barrow, sports...

Red Hawks in the Front? Let Me Hear You–NO

graphic by Johanna Wong

By Holly Parkin

November 3, 2014

“School spirit” is a phrase that has never evoked much excitement within me. This has become even more apparent in my senior year, a time when it seems that everyone is obsessed with getting involved in school activities and trying to savor the last few wonderful parts of high school. At t...