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A day in the life of Principal Farr

By Mikyla Williams April 19, 2022
“I like being able to see students as they come in … I hope that it helps them to see me here."
Spectators Behavior Criticized by Admin

Spectators’ Behavior Criticized by Admin

By Ravi Joshi-Wander January 19, 2018

Principal J.C. Farr held a town hall-style meeting in Gus Gymnasium to address the behavior of students at recent boys varsity basketball games, played at Marin Catholic High School and Redwood High School,...



By Mary Overton March 18, 2017

Pop Quiz! When do you say “sorry?” Circle any that apply. When someone else bumps into you When you feel you’re imposing on a teacher by asking too many questions When you drop your phone...

Breaking News: Tam Protests

Breaking News: Tam Protests

By Raqshan Khan November 10, 2016

On November 10, in the aftermath of the presidential election, students gathered outside the arches of Tam High to plan and start peaceful protests. The afternoon's protest ended in a violent altercation. Initially,...

EDITORIAL: Parkin Problems

EDITORIAL: Parkin’ Problems

By Staff April 8, 2016

The lack of parking at Tam has been at the forefront of student conversation, often outshining other topics - prom, standardized testing, college acceptances and decisions, grades - as the most complained...

A Message to Students and Teachers

A Message to Students and Teachers

By Miles Rubens March 3, 2016

Sometimes in class I wish I could rip out my own nose so that I could stop the distraction and aggravation that someone eating repulsive and strong smelling food is causing me. Often the classroom smells...

Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, $1,000 Scholarship

Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, $1,000 Scholarship

By Hannah Chorley October 29, 2015

Youth volunteers can be nominated to win the Heart of Marin's "Youth Volunteer of the Year" award, which recognizes up to five middle and high school students for their commitment and contribution to a...

EDITORIAL: A Two Way Street

EDITORIAL: A Two Way Street

By Tam News Staff June 11, 2015

In the June issue of the Tam News, Sarah Asch and James Finn explored the friction surrounding teachers’ varying opinions on collaboration and how and when to use project-based learning. With Tam in...

Leave the Stress Behind

Leave the Stress Behind

By Ilaria Lobo March 12, 2015

It’s hard to accurately pinpoint the first time when you felt stressed out about something, and even harder trying to deal with stress creeping up on you every now and again. Stress is a natural feeling...

Scamtron: A Look at Ethics and Motivations Behind Cheating at Tam

Scamtron: A Look at Ethics and Motivations Behind Cheating at Tam

By Jordan Blackburn and Cam Vernali December 23, 2014

For Alice, a junior girl who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, her typical math class begins with correcting the homework that was due that day. This time is provided to give students a chance...

by Nate Vogel

T-High U Know: Holbrook Hits the Ice

By Riley Kuffner December 23, 2014

T-High U Know is a brand new lifestyles column devoted to the everyday Tam student. Each month, a random page is selected from the school directory. That open booklet is then nailed to the wall of the...

The Best of Halloween 2014

The Best of Halloween 2014

By Jessica Hudson and Jessica Hudson November 10, 2014

While many students went to the San Francisco Giant's Parade on Halloween, others celebrated the holiday in full costume here at Tam. Take a look at the colorful and creative costumes we were able to capture...

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